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Good Corporate Governance Policy 129.41 KB
Code of Conduct 541.98 KB
Business Ethics 792.9 KB
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 1.38 MB
Communication and Information Disclosure Policy 544.32 KB
Policy to Prevent Misuse of Insider Information 244.75 KB
Whistleblowing Policy 249.2 KB
Anti-Corruption Policy 279.35 KB
Preventing Conflict of Interest Policy 381.33 KB
Related Party Transaction Policy 83.4 KB
Divided Payment Policies of the Company and the Subsidiaries 223.88 KB
Personnel Development Policy 72.05 KB
Succession Policy 580.69 KB
Director Selection Criteria 80.49 KB
Chairman’s Authorities, Duties and Responsibilities 47.87 KB
Workplace Regulation 7.66 MB
Board of Directors’ Meeting 57.16 KB