Business Overview

Central Retail is the leading multi-format and multi-category retailing platform in Thailand. It is also growing internationally, securing leadership status in Italy and becoming one of the leaders in Vietnam.

Central Retail's business is organized into 3 operating segments as follow:

  1. (1) Fashion, which focuses on apparel and accessories under portfolio of retail banners, for example, Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store and Robinson Lifestyle Center, Supersports, Central Marketing Group, and Rinascente.
  2. (2) Hardline, which focuses on electronics and home improvement under portfolio of retail banners, for example, Thai Watsadu, Baan and Beyond, Power Buy, and Nguyen Kim.
  3. (3) Food, which focuses on groceries and items typically found in convenience stores under portfolio of retail banners, for example, Tops, Central Food Hall, FamilyMart, Big C Vietnam, and Lanchi Mart.

Each segment hosts a portfolio of retail banners under which Central Retail sells a wide range of merchandise, and each of its retail banners is distinguished based on a variety of characteristics. Certain of its key retail banners have been in operation for decades, such as Central Department Store, but Central Retail routinely introduces new banners and retire old banners as the retail landscape continues to evolve.

The following table presents the key retail banners of Central Retail as of 30 September 2020


Department stores

82 stores (1)

Specialty stores

100 stores


416 stores

Sales counters

1,738 counters

Retail plazas

24 stores



Central Department Store
23 stores

A flagship Central Department Store retail banner showcases a broad range of products catered to various customer segments, coupled with quality customer service.

Robinson Department Store and Robinson Lifestyle Center
50 stores

Robinson is the mid-range department store, focused on value -for-money quality at affordable prices with the recently initiated Lifestyle Center under the new theme of Eat Shop Play that cement as center of community.

232 stores (2)

Supersports is a leading retailer of sports apparel and equipment responding to all exercise trends.

Central Marketing Group or “CMG”
276 stores (3)

Central Marketing Group or "CMG" is an exclusive distributor and licensee for international fashion and beauty over 40 iconic brands and operate overseas distributor for example in Malaysia and Vietnam.

9 stores

Rinascente is a 150-year-old high-end Italian department store, befitting one of Europe's premier retailer which has stores in major cities across Italy.


Specialty stores

232 stores



Thai Watsadu and Baan & Beyond
59 stores

Thai Watsadu is a one-stop shopping retailer for those looking for building suppliers and construction materials.

Baan & Beyond is a home decoration and furnishings retailer.

Power Buy
114 stores

Power Buy is a leading retailer of consumer electronics, IT products, phones, gadgets, and electronic devices.

Nguyen Kim
59 stores

Nguyen Kim is a specialty electronics and appliance store with covering 29 provinces across Vietnam.


Supermarkets and hypermarkets

291 stores

Convenience stores

972 stores

Retail plazas

41 stores



Tops and Central Food Hall
226 stores

Tops is a flagship grocery, offering a variety of store formats from Tops Market, Tops Superstore, Tops Daily, and Tops Plaza.

Central Food Hall is a dine-in and grocery concept, focused on experiential shopping and high quality food and consumer products.

972 stores

FamilyMart is a convenience store, conceived to meet the daily food and other needs of our customers.

Big C
40 stores

Big C is a flagship hypermarket and retail plaza in Vietnam, focused on high quality food and other consumer products, which currently being rebranded to "GO!".

Lanchi Mart
25 stores

Lanchi Mart is a rural and suburban small-to-medium hypermarket in northern Vietnam, displaying our emphasis on high quality products by focusing on locally sourced.

  1. (1) Excludes 2 Robins Department Store in Vietnam
  2. (2) Store count for Supersports comprises 132 brandshops and 100 specialty stores
  3. (3) Store count for CMG does not include sales counters and 8 brandshops in Malaysia