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Central and Robinson Department Stores deliver an omnichannel service ‘Central & Robinson With You during Covid-19’ with 4 core strategies to help take care of the customers during the new wave of COVID-19 outbreaks

15 January 2021


Mister Nicolo Galante, President of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, revealed that "Central and Robinson Department Stores are gearing up to help take care of our customers during the new emerging phase of COVID-19 outbreaks. We are launching an omnichannel shopping service under the concept of 'Central & Robinson With You during COVID-19' with 4 core strategies; 'Stores Clean & Safe' protocol to make every visit to our store feel safe and reassuring, 'CENTRAL App' the first omnichannel shopping app in Southeast Asia and Personal Shopper on tel. 1425, a free service that lets customers shop with a personal assistant exclusively assigned to them. Additionally, New Sale channel shop with and are available for 24-hour shopping, Chat & Shop through LINE @CENTRALOFFICIAL and LINE @ROBINSON, Chall & Shop on tel. 1425, Facebook Live, Facebook Messenger Inbox on and RobinsonDepartmentStore and Drive Thru service in all our stores nationwide."

Dr. Piyapong Thanyasrisung, Store and Supply Chain Director, Central Department Store Company Limited and Robinson Public Company Limited, under Central Retail, added that "The new wave of COVID-19 outbreaks has turned into another challenge, and called for all businesses to quickly adapt. Central and Robinson Department Stores have been strictly observing the precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus with the protocol 'Central Clean & Safe' and 'Robinson: Clean and Confident in Every Square Metre'. Our measures include body temperature checks with ThermoScan technology, frequent disinfection on all touch points, and daily body temperature checks of our staff. We have also been encouraging our staff to work from home to avoid unnecessary risks, follow mandatory mask policy and provide broader e-payment options for our customers such as mobile banking apps, bank transfer, QR code payments and Dolfin app.

A Central/Robinson Drive Thru service is located in every Central and Robinson store nationwide providing Home Delivery and In-Store Pick Up

Miss Rvisra Chirathivat, Customer Director, Central Department Store Company Limited and Robinson Public Company Limited, under Central Retail, explained that "Today marks another milestone for us in delivering a complete omnichannel shopping service to our customers. We were the first retailers in Thailand to seamlessly connect the worlds of offline and online shopping together. We are better equipped with experience and technology to tack-le the situation. The early spread of COVID-19 and the new emerging phase have encouraged more people to shop online, on Central App and other shopping channels. This resulted in a 12-time increase in our sales growth on Central Chat & Shop, Central Call & Shop and Face-book Live in a single year (from 1st January – 31st December 2020). With a significant leap in demand, we have been helping our staff to familiarise themselves with the new technology and services to better assist our customers through omnichannel shopping and deliver the best ex-perience possible.

  • Central App: omnichannel app for ultimate shopping experience, with over 6,000 brands, 200,000 SKUs, special promotions and exclusive brands, including Muji, Aesop, Marks & Spencer, Sanrio, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Diptyque and Smiggle
  • &
    24 hour shopping on websites with over 5,000 brands and exclusive brands
  • Personal Shopper: a new and free Call & Shop service on 1425, with a special assis-tant exclusively assigned to individual customers to assist them throughout every step of their shopping, including promotions and home delivery. The service is specially designed for customers who may have trouble shopping due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The Personal Shopper service will be officially available from 20th January 2021
  • Central/Robinson Chat & Shop: through LINE @CENTRALOFFICIAL and LINE @ROBINSON
  • Facebook Live and Facebook Messenger Inbox on our pages:
    Central Department Store
    Robinson Department Store

Mister Nicolo Galante concluded that "We believe that Central & Robinson with You during COVID-19" will be the key to supporting the needs of our customers in every situa-tion. Central and Robinson department stores are ready with 4 strategies to connect the store and online experiences. Our omni-channel services will have the potential to support and take care of our valued customers, and will help drive the economy forward."