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Central Pattana rallies businesses under Central Group led by Central Retail and over 15,000 partners to implement national-level ‘Omnichannel Economic Vaccine’ roadmap, starting with big campaign ‘Hug Thais, Love Thais, Help Thais’ starting July - August 2021

30 June 2021
  • Central is using its omnichannel platform, which is the best of its kind, to offer superior shopping experiences, while rallying 10 business units under the Power of CRC, along with department stores and shops totaling in 1,048 branches covering 50 provinces across the country, as well as implementing The 1 program, Dolfin application, and Centara to unite forces.
  • Central is inviting Thai people to help each other by eating, shopping, spending and travelling more in Thailand under the concept “We Do It Because We Love Thai People”.
  • The joint efforts of Central businesses and partners will help lower living costs of the people who can enjoy discounts of up to 90% and cashbacks of up to 15% via various platforms including the shopping centers, department stores and online. Every spending will get to help country as one baht will be donated to the Help Thai Fight Covid-19 project for every receipt from Central shopping centers.
  • Central is implementing 360-degree Tenant-Centric Business Partnership to help 15,000 tenants and boost their sales through a worry-free omnichannel, the push for take-away food destination, and access to business recovery loans from leading banks.
  • Central will continue to support the cross-value chain of relevant businesses in the system, including the whole tourism sector, while Central Phuket, now certified with SHA Plus+ will lead the Phuket Sandbox initiative in cooperation with over 100 famous hotels to offer accommodation discounts of up to 70%.

Bangkok – Central Pattana Plc., Thailand’s leading retail and real estate developers, which operates 33 shopping centers, including centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival, Central Phuket, and Central Village, has announced an “Omnichannel Economic Vaccine” roadmap for the second half of 2021 with an aim to lower living costs and create a tangible way for Thais to help fellow Thais in cooperation with Thailand’s retail business leader Central Retail Corporation PC. as well as Central Restaurant Group, The 1, Dolfin application, Centara and other partners.

Central Pattana will kick off the campaign “Hug Thais, Love Thais, Help Thais”, worth over 120 million baht, in July and August 2021 inviting Thais to help each other by eating, shopping, spending and travelling more in Thailand and save up to 90%. Businesses under the Central Group led by Central Retail and over 15,000 shops participated in the campaign which is expected to boost their sales via a worry-free omnichannel.

A number of other partners will also join the campaign. They include various credit cards such as Central The1, Citi, Government Savings Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krung Sri, KTC, Siam Commercial Bank, ttb, TMB and Thanachart, as well as hospitality partners like Amanpuri, SALA and Hyatt Regency.

Meanwhile, all will also cooperate with the governmental agencies in driving the economy, lowering living costs and supporting businesses via programs such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2021 and a long-term plan to upgrade the Thai SMEs and the tourism sector to fight the pandemic and rebound. There will be over 100 online and offline campaigns to help entrepreneurs, farmers and all groups of the Thai people throughout the year./p>

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Central Pattana, said, “Central Pattana has always been committed to being a positive force that helps drive the country to move forward in various aspects. Since the beginning of this year, we have created a roadmap and implemented it to help sustain the economy during the crisis, while helping the governmental sector in mass vaccination and economic stimulation.”

“The Central Group and its partners are ready to continue to provide full support in the fight against the pandemic as the ‘national accelerator’ under ‘Central Synergy’ strategy. This has resulted in the creation of the ‘Omnichannel Economic Vaccine’ aimed at lowering living costs and sustaining all businesses,” said Dr. Nattakit.

According to Dr. Nattakit, the first strategy under the roadmap is “Thais Help Thais Economy” which is an attempt to build a strong economy with Central shopping centers across the country as physical and online platforms to drive domestic consumption, spending and tourism. The strategy has several aspects:

  • Central will be the accelerator in upgrading SMEs and their products as well as the tourism industry to create a complete value chain. This can be done by creating “product enhancement sustainability” to add a long-term value to products, supporting craftmanship and OTOP products via various programs operated by the Central Group, focusing on creating local bonding with local communities. In addition, once the situation improves, Central will dedicate spaces of 40,000 square meters to SMEs, farmers and others. With 33 shopping centers around the country, Central will provide cross-regional platforms for exhibitions and thematic events with product rotation, such as SACICT Ploen Craft, Made in Thailand Fair, Ruam Jai Fruit Market, franchise events and community product events. Central will also promote local tourism via its food and accommodation activities and local community lifestyle experiences.
  • The ‘Hug Thais, Love Thais, Help Thais’, a big mid-year campaign, will be held nationwide in July and September 2021 to offer promotions and discounts of up to 90% to help lower living costs. Over 15,000 brands will be participating in the online and offline omnichannel. Cashbacks of up to 15% will be given, while each receipt from Central shopping centers will result in one baht added to the Help Thai Fight COVID-19 campaign.
  • As a vaccination accelerator, Central is pushing for mass vaccination to create a herd immunity for the country. Over 40,000 square meters of 23 Central shopping centers, out of 33 in the country, are dedicated as provincial vaccination centers, as Central has become the leader and model in the initiative of ‘Central’s Hygiene and Safety’.
  • Central is uniting the Thai people under the concept ‘Hug Thais’ with the hashtag #เราทำเพราะเรารักไทย (We Do It Because We Love Thai People). Thai people are encouraged to act out and help fellow citizens in any way possible, including domestic consumption, spending and tourism, as well as receiving vaccination, in order to fight through the pandemic together.

According to Piyawan Leelasompop, Head of Corporate Marketing, Central Retail Corporation PC. (CRC), the second strategy under the roadmap is to unite the forces of Central Retail and use the strongest omnichannel platform to drive the “Hug Thais, Love Thais, Help Thais” campaign. It will begin with the trade and services group of the Thai Chamber of Commerce as the starting point and turn it into a national project to stimulate domestic spending and the country’s country.

Central believes that by giving support to each other, the Thai people can turn the country into a “destination of happiness” and if the Thai people buy more Thai products, it can support Thai entrepreneurs and help them improve their products and services while injecting more money into the economy under the principles of Hug-Eat, Hug-Travel, and Hug-Spend.

  • Hug-Eat is the push for Thai people to support Thai restaurants and Thai food. The Thai people will be encouraged to go out and experience local cuisines in the country.
  • Hug-Travel is the concept that the Thai people should travel to find new experiences while supporting the Thai tourism businesses, including those of small and medium sizes in different provinces.
  • Hug-Spend is the effort to have the Thai people support community products and become part of the local business communities.

Ms. Piyawan said, “In launching this campaign, Central Retail has united 10 business groups under its conglomorates, namely Central Department Store, Robinson, Supersports, Central Marketing Group, Power Buy, B2S, OfficeMate, Tops Supermarket, Tops Superstore, and Central Food Hall. Their retail outlets total 1,048 covering over 50 provinces in Thailand.

The campaign allows the customers to utilise the strength of the company’s omnichannel platform and enjoy up to 90% of discount promotions, while creating the New Central Retail Lifestyle & Food Platform, consisting of Central mobile platform which is an everyday lifestyle application that is a one-stop shop for all food and non-food products under Central Retail, Tops Online, Quick Commerce, and Personal Shopper 1425 platforms, as well as Chat & Shop, Call & Shop, Click & Collect, and Drive Thru services.

Central Retail has continuously developed its omnichannel and in the first quarter this year enjoyed a triple growth of sales via this channel, accounting for over 13% of the total sales, proving that the development of the omnichannel can cater to the needs of customers during this period.

According to Phattaraporn Phenpraphat, Head of Commercialization of Central Pattana plc., the third strategy under the roadmap is the 360-degree Tenant-Centric Business Partnership to support over 15,000 tenants by aiding rental program and operating fund measures as well as the launches of new platforms and services under the concept of a worry-free omnichannel.

The channel has been successful in various areas, including delivery, online shopping, drive thru, and The 1 Biz CRM program, resulting in continuous sales boosts for the tenants.

The tenants have also been benefited from various campaigns, such as the I’M VACCINATED program that offers special benefits from shops and restaurants to people who receive a vaccine at Central shopping centers, the “Hug Thais, Love Thais, Help Thais” campaign, and the food destination campaign for restaurants with takeaway services and food delivery services via Grab and other delivery providers.

In total, there will be over 100 campaigns at the shopping centers and online within this year, with participation of various partners in the form of tailor-made marketing. Seven top banks will also provide soft loans for business recovery for the partners, while Central will assist with its grading system based on the credit score of each of its partner.

Dr. Nattakit said, “We have also made a long-term plan for the fourth strategy under the roadmap, which is to help the whole tourism sector recover under the leadership of Central Phuket. It will lead the pilot phase of the government’s Phuket Sandbox policy implementation with the SHA PLUS+ certification from the TAT as 85% of the staffs there have been vaccinated.”

“There will be a huge campaign called Hug Thais Hug Phuket, Central Phuket Hotel Fair to offer accommodation discounts of up to 70% at over 100 popular hotels in Phuket and other tourist destinations such as Samui”

“Central has also planned promotions and support measures for cross-regional tourism in order to build upon the earlier successes to promote a cross-value chain in hotel and tourism businesses and expand into other businesses such as automotive and real estate.”

“We also have long-term investment projects at Central Ayutthaya, Central Si Racha, and Central Chanthaburi, which will help develop these cities as new economic hubs with more jobs for the local communities” said Dr. Nattakit.

Highlights of the “Hug Thais, Love Thais, Help Thais” promotion campaign in July and August 2021

The Central Group will offer discounts of up to 90% for products of over 15,000 brands at the shopping centers, department stores and online. The 1 members will have a chance for free shopping. For 2,000 baht spent, they will have a chance to win one of the 165 available shopping vouchers, which can have a value of up to 100,000 baht. Holders of Central The 1 Credit Cards will also get a cashback in credit of up to 12.5% without having to burn points, while those who hold The Black, Black and Luxe cards can get an additional credit of up to 5,000 baht. Other participating credit cards will offer cashbacks of up to 15% or vouchers of up to 3,600 baht.

The 50 Top Spenders with the highest spending throughout the campaign with a minimum amount of 500,000 baht will receive a free accommodation packages from luxury hotels such as Amanpuri, SALA Samui Chaweng Beach, and Hyatt Regency Koh Samui, along with numerous other benefits including those from the government measures.

Business partners of the Central Group will also offer special promotions. At Central Department Store, there will be discounts of up to 30% from the normal prices for certain products, and discount vouchers and credits will be given. There will be 7.7 Promotion that offers a discount of 100 baht in exchange for 600 The 1 points.

At Robinson, there will be discounts of up to 50% from the normal prices for certain products as well as discount vouchers and credits of up to 8,500 baht will be given. The 7.7 Promotion is also available, giving a discount of 100 baht in exchange for 600 The 1 points.

Supersports will offer discounts of up to 60% with one-price offers for selected products starting at 290 baht. Customers can also use 100 The 1 points to receive a discount of 100 baht.

Power Buy will offer discounts of up to 50% and customers can use 600 The 1 points to receive a discount of 100 baht.

B2S will offer discounts of up to 50% and customers can use 400 The 1 points to receive a discount of 100 baht.

OfficeMate will offer pay day discounts of up to 90% for selected products and customers can get a discount of 200 baht when spending at least 3,500 baht via Line Store OfficeMate.

Tops/Foodhall will hold the Tops 25th Anniversary Celebration that gives out a chance to win prizes worth over 6.96 million baht in total for every receipt that is at least 100 baht.

‘Dolfin Wallet’ will offer discount vouchers of 50 baht on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays when spending at participating stores for every receipt that is at least 500 baht.