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Central Retail commences 2022 with a collaboration project between Gulf Kanawut and Ajarn Chang, bringing happiness to Thais through a Retailtainment marketing campaign ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’

29 December 2021

Bangkok, December 29, 2021 – Central Retail launched the campaign ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’ by Ajarn Chang #NewYearNewStart by using a Retailtainment marketing activation strategy, elevating shopping experiences whilst also integrating entertainment to serve every lifestyle. The campaign leveraged music marketing to create next-level enjoyment by featuring the collaboration between the popular actor of the year Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong and Ajarn Chang Tosaporn Sritula, the expert in Thai horoscope and Feng Shui, bringing happiness and passing on good fortune through the feel-good and catchy song ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’. The lyrics consists of auspicious blessings, bringing strength for the body and mind to welcome good things in the new year with the concept of New Year New Start by Central Retail, delivering good fortune to all Thai people and welcoming the Year of the Tiger with smiles.

Piyawan Leelasompop, Head of Corporate Marketing, Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited (CRC), commented “With changing consumer trends happening so rapidly, traditional marketing would no longer suffice. Central Retail studied changing consumer behaviours and discovered that consumers value entertainment experiences the most, and that’s why we developed a Retailtainment marketing strategy to engage consumers in new ways. We used music marketing to launch the ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’ campaign, which we believe can resonate with Thais who enjoy and believe in horoscope and enhancing good fortune. With this understanding, we developed a ‘song of spells’ to attract good fortune whilst also making it entertaining so everyone can sing, play, dance, enjoy and share it with others. The song features talented actor Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong who represents the new generation with a fun lifestyle, and he is comparable to a living e-card that brings joy to all Thais during the new years. We are confident that the ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’ campaign will go viral and bring joy to Thai people and create unexpected levels of entertainment. Additionally, Ajarn Chang Tosaporn Sritula, the expert in Thai horoscope and Feng Shui, also collaborated in creating auspicious blessings to bring positive energy to everyone during new years, and these blessings are planned to launch as a series during the festivities throughout the beginning of 2022. We hope to see all Thai people follow all the fun we have to offer.”

Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong commented on the campaign, “I feel glad to be a part of the ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’ campaign to pass on happiness during the new years with Central Retail. I would like to bless everyone with happiness and for everything you wish for to come true. May you also have good health and start the new year with strength, just like the blessings in ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’ that encourages everyone to sing, dance and have fun together. Let’s awaken the positive energy in ourselves and start the year with good fortune and happiness. Don’t forget to follow my work with Central Retail, as we will have many surprises during the festivities. Happy New Year, everyone.”

Ajarn Chang Tosaporn Sritula commented, “During the new year festivities, I often get asked by many people about the improvement of their fortune, COVID-19, finances, work and love. I believe that many things will improve in the next year, which is a good time to start new things. Just like Central Retail’s campaign that brings Thai people positive energy to welcome the year under the concept of New Year…New Start, I would like to wish everyone happiness and success, welcoming good things that will come in during this new year. Happy New Year…New Start, everyone.”

For those who are interested in viewing the e-card and singing, playing and dancing with Gulf from the campaign ‘Ka-ta-O-ke’ by Ajarn Chang #NewYearNewStart, you can view it on Central Retail and on Central Retail YouTube. You can also pass on happiness and share good fortune to welcome the Year of the Tiger by downloading our auspicious wallpapers. Follow us for more fun at our facebook page CentralRetail