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Bhu Chee Duen Coffee

15 July 2021

“Bhu Chee Duen Coffee,” a product that helps the Bhu Chee Duen community improve forest area while also generating revenue in Chiang Rai province has shifted cultivation to produce coffee for replacing the natural forest, which has an abundance of area. At an height of 1,300-1,600 meters, there is shade and natural vegetation that can provide good quality nutrients. Bhu Chee Duen Coffee can be grown and processed using 100 percent natural methods, and has an unique aroma derived from wild fruits and wild flowers.

Central Retail joined to support the transformation of the community's way of life. Landfield that used to be full of uncertainty have changed to planting coffee fruits. In order to expand the area for farming, we have reduced logging but are motivated to cultivate coffee fruits from the step of planting to care and to production. Both selling and distributing stages are put into action in Central Food Hall and Tops Supermarket to help communities from upstream to downstream.