Social Activities

'Central Retail' has shared experiences and working guidelines for people with disabilities to improve the quality of life and create equality in society.

03 August 2021

Seminar with the topic of “Providing capital market mechanisms to support people with disabilities to generate employment opportunities” was organized by The Securities and Exchange Commission, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to encourage listed companies to support the society for disabilities and participate in creating equality in society.

The purpose of this seminar is to encourage listed companies and agencies in the capital market sector to cooperate for increasing employment of people with disabilities under the concept of “increase employment, provide arrangements, and reduce expenses” with the objectives to create opportunities, support them to use their abilities and participate in the society with equality. On behalf of Central Retail Corporation, Chartchai Norasethaporn Ph.D. was invited to discuss his experiences and principles for working with people with disabilities. We also clearly seek to promote professions and develop the abilities of people with disabilities to reduce inequality and create a society that is sustainable, as we are regarded as one of the top organizations that employ individuals with disabilities.