It’s not important what we’ve done before, but instead how we’re going to operate our business moving forward.

Our ideas of sustainable development will reflect our values, way of thinking, what is worthy to us and the importance we give on a personal, family, local and country level. When we all join forces together we will grow together.

Strategies to Drive Business

Aligned to the corporate strategy, our sustainability framework is built around 4 focus areas, which address major economic, social, environmental trends in order to create shared values for stakeholders.


Focus on long-term results that respond to short-term results


Focus on quality over quantity


Focus on public interest over self-interest

Improve people’s well-being and develop human resource competency
Prioritize long-term organizational prosperity through highest standard of governance
Ensure that the company become stewards of the environment and the planet
Strengthen engagement and partnership with community to create social value

“Our obligation is to follow United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals,

Which we aim to work with all our stakeholders in creating new business opportunities for our local communities and employees in order for a brighter future.

Driving Business for Sustainability

Creating Shared Values

Central Retail operates in the retail business and together sees the long-term responsibilities we have towards society. We take into consideration how we conduct quality business that matches the needs of society, which we hope and intend to let local communities have sustainable development and help elevate the model from ‘Corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) to the ‘Creating Shared Values’ (CSV) model that creates values for both businesses and society, which follow the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Every Voice Has Meaning

We believe that all our employees everywhere has an important voice that needs to be listened, which is why we have created the ‘Centrality’

Project in which teams are formed in every province we are present in. These teams are treated as our representative working with local communities and work with 3 important aspects: 1) Customer Experience 2) Employee relations and 3) Creating shared values, which many important projects has already been implemented across the country to create benefits for local communities.

Taking action is the start to success

We believe that success can always be achieved if you start to take action.

And it doesn’t matter who you are, just start to do something for society and the environment in your own way. Whether it’s just something small, but continuously, we believe that the power within you will help sustainable development. With this concept of powering sustainable development, “Central Tham” invites everyone to be a helping hand in these 4 main aspects: 1) Better Life 2) Better Work 3) Better World and 4) Better Society, which all uses the idea of “Better Together” .

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