Our Sustainability Policy

Central Retail is committed to conducting business to grow along with sustainable development, bringing benefits to the organization, society and the environment and focusing on long-term results. We take into account the qualitative rather than quantitative benefits and aims to create benefits for all parties through operations and participation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Environmental Policy
Ethical Marketing Policy
Waste Segregation Policy
Occupational Safety, Health and Work Environment Policy
Our commitment drives how we manage our business and how we are accountable to our stakeholders, from promise to action.

ESG reporting and disclosure

Food Loss & Waste Reduction Guidelines
Waste Segregation Guidelines
Contributions to External Organizations at Central Retail
Code of Conduct
Plastic & Packaging Reduction Guidelines
Tax Reporting
GRI Index 2021
Performance Data 2021
The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report 2022
Biodiversity Management Commitment