Well-being of People

Improving the quality of life of our employees and customers

Our Impact in 2022

Created job opportunities to
People with disabilities

of employees
trained on Human Rights

Healthiful stores expanded
60 branches

Social operations have focused on the development of knowledge to improve the well-being of employees and create maximum satisfaction for customers.

Our materiality includes of healthy and safe products, human capital development, talent attraction and retention, occupational health and safety, labor practice and human rights.

Human Capital Development

Our management approach commits to the development of talents and attitudes of all employees to be creative, to add innovative value, and to be the main driving force in the implementation of our strategy in the direction of the customer-centric Omnichannel.

Baht/person/year in employee training

Occupational Health and Safety

We realize the importance of safety, occupational health and the working environment for employees at all levels and aim to reduce the occurrence of accidents from operations to Zero. This is to set up a policy framework and supervise the management of occupational health, safety and the work environment in a comprehensive and equitable manner for employees.

Total of
Employees participated Occupational Health and Safety training

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Labor Practice and Human Rights

We are committed to taking care of employees equally by striving to strictly comply with national and international labor laws. At the same time, we realize the responsibility for the development of the working environment, as well as management of compensation and benefits to enhance employee well-being.

Created job opportunities to
People with disabilities
of employees trained on Human Rights

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