Environmental Quality

Environmental conservation and sustainable natural resource management

Our Impact in 2022

Restored forest and expanded green area
3,365 rais

Edible food surplus sent to SOS
528 ton

Installed solar rooftop
83 branches

We are dedicated to bringing economic prosperity with the best interests of our shareholders, customers, employees, communities and stakeholders.

Our operation focuses on good corporate governance and various policies to help drive and promote economic development in a sustainable direction.

Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the global trends that organizations are increasingly focused on because it has a wide impact on both business operations and human-beings in general. Therefore, we realize the importance of energy management and climate change and aims to be part of the solution and protect businesses from risks that may arise.

Renewable energy uptaken
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by
tons CO2e/month
Rais for Forest Restoration in 2022
Energy Management

The Company is committed to efficient energy management in order to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is the main cause of climate change. We have smartly invested in the production of renewable solar energy so that the business operation of the Company will be able to reduce the use of energy from fossil fuel sources, reduce energy costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Management

The company is committed to being a part of tackling the climate change problem. Emphasis is placed on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions directly within the organization such as the use of gasoline in the transportation, indirect reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, such as solar power generation, and indirect reduction of greenhouse gas emissions outside the organization, such as the reuse of waste materials in the production process.

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Responsible Sourcing

Consumers and stakeholders are becoming more aware of the environmental, social, and health ramifications of their purchasing decisions. We are committed to acquiring raw materials in a sustainable manner while complying to quality, societal, and environmental requirements. We contribute to the recovery of ecosystems, natural resources, and overall well-being by purchasing goods and services that are sourced in a sustainable manner. Our dedication extends to the promotion of safe and healthy techniques, such as organic agriculture.

Sales of organic products
million THB
Sales of OTOP products
million THB

Resource Efficiency

Inefficient resource usage results in environmental damage, lower quality of life, and rapid resource depletion. Waste and single-use plastics are major challenges that must be addressed throughout industries. As a retailer, we are committed to implementing the circular economy to reduce resource consumption, recycle resources efficiently, and dispose of waste properly. Water, litter, food and plastic waste, and packaging waste are all part of our holistic resource management. This strategy not only prevents environmental effect and reputational issues, but it also lowers expenses and promotes commercial potential.

Upcycled plastic bottles over

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