The Company recognizes the importance of anti-corruption and intends to operate business with good morals and under good corporate governance framework as well as adhere to the Code of Business Ethics. Also, the Company takes responsible for the society, environment and all stakeholders by conducting transparent and fair business which can be auditable.

To make certain that the Company has policy specifying appropriate responsibility, guidelines and rules for its business operation to prevent all types of corruption in all of the Company’s activities and that the Company’s decision and business operation involving with the risk of corruption have been thoroughly considered and conducted, the Company has arranged for the written Anti-Corruption Policy to be clear guidelines for doing business and developing to sustainable organization.

Anti-Corruption Policy

  • The company’s personnel must not claim, process or accept the corruption in all forms, directly or indirectly for the benefit of the organization myself, parent, fellow and acquaintance, or the benefit of the organization covers all businesses in all countries and agencies related to the company.
  • The Company must regularly review the compliance with the Anti-Corruption Policy as well as business guidelines and rules to ensure they are in line with changes in business, rules, regulations and laws. Any acts which support or involve in corruption will be punished as stipulated by the Company.
Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-Corruption Measure

To prevent potential corruption risks to the CRC Group. The directors, executives and employees shall comply with policies related to anti-corruption. Giving and receiving any other benefits to the company’s stakeholders, consider as specified requirements as follows:

  • Giving and receiving is for the appropriate purposes in accordance with ethical standards.
  • Giving and receiving is not intended to be exploited or to influence business decisions.
  • Giving and receiving must be unlawful.
  • Giving and receiving shall not contradict the CRC’s policies and regulations.
  • Giving and receiving shall not contradict the policies of business partners, governments or stakeholders.

Related Anti-Corruption Policy

  • Giving or Receiving Gifts, Hospitality, or Other Benefits
  • Entertainment / Reception Policy
  • Donation for Charity and Sponsorship Policy
  • Political Participation Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy

Anti-Corruption Measures

  • Corruption Risk Assessment
  • Policy-making Related to Anti-Corruption
  • Reviewing the history of personnel and business stakeholders
  • Internal Control
  • Business Ethics against Anti-Corruption
  • Disclosure measures for hiring government employees

Enforcement of anti-corruption policy

  • The anti-corruption policy applies to the Company’s personnel, effective from the date the Board of Directors approve the anti-corruption policy.
  • Adjustments, amendments, changes, interpretations, cancellations shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

Data Recording and Retention Process

  • The recording and retention of financial information and corporate accounting must be conducted in an accurate, complete, transparent and efficiently and reliably verifiable by internal control system and internal audit under the supervision of the Audit Committee.
  • The guidelines for data recording and retention are to follow the Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance Policy through announcements, regulations and related policies.

Anti-Corruption Guidelines

  • The Company defines anti-corruption policy and anti-corruption measures as part of its business operations and is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Executives, Supervisors To ensure that anti-corruption practices are appropriately implemented in accordance with the established policies, as well as to review policies and practices to comply with changes in business. regulations and related laws
  • The company requires its personnel to act with caution against the following forms of corruption:
    • Giving and Receiving Bribe
    • Receiving gifts or other benefits
    • Entertainment/Reception fee
    • Supporting travel expenses and other expenses to government officials
    • Political Contribution
    • Receipt of Donation, Charity, Donation for Public Interest and Sponsorship
    • Payment of facilities
    • Hiring Government Employees/Government Officials (Revolving Door)
    • Conflict of Interest
  • The Company strives to create and maintain its organizational culture on zero-tolerance on corruption, either it conducts with public or private sectors.
  • Directors, executives and employees in every level should not neglect if they find any act involving corruption with the Company. They must report to their supervisors or responsible person and co-operate in the verification process as stipulated in the Whistleblower Policy or regulations of the Company. Moreover, compliant channels for outsiders are arranged.
  • The Company fairly treats and protects employees who refuse to be involved in corruption or inform the Company about corruption. The Company will not demote, penalize or give negative impact to employees who refuse to be involved in corruption although they make the Company lose business opportunity.
  • Directors and executives in every level of the Company must show their honesty and be good role models in following the Anti-Corruption Policy.
  • The Anti-Corruption Policy covers in the human resource management process ranging from recruiting, promotion, training to evaluation. Supervisors in every level have to communicate with employees so they apply the policy in business activities under their responsibilities. Also, supervisors must monitor effective compliance with the policy.
  • All actions in the Anti-Corruption Policy are in line with those stipulated in the Company’s Good Corporate Governance Policy, guidelines for business conduct, relevant regulations, work manual as well as other guidelines which the Company may define later.
  • The Company discloses the Anti-Corruption Policy, which is under Thailand’s anti-corruption law, via both internal and external media, for instance, notifications, website and annual report.
  • In case of doubts that may have legal implications, seek legal advice. For further inquiries, please consult with the Compliance Authority.
Compliance Department of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited

If you have any questions about this guidelines, please contact


On 28 March 2023, Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited is proud to declare our intention to join the CAC Change Agent program, initiated by the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC). Our aim is to expand the network of transparent business practices to our business partners by encouraging their participation in the CAC.

In June 2022, our CRC has been certified as a member of theThai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) by the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) committee by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).

CAC Success story from our CEO

In this success story, Mr. Yol Phokasub, CEO of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, shares the journey of achieving business success through transparent management principles. The narrative offers valuable insights into fostering motivation for other companies to recognize the significance of anti-corruption, promoting sustainability, and showing interest in developing an anti-corruption system in collaboration with CAC.

Focusing on “Transparency is the best means to prevent corruption and ensure fairness."

Central Retail has been granted to be a member of Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption

Central Retail joined Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) in June 2022

Since Central Retail entered into The Stock Exchange of Thailand, the company strives for operating business adherence to Corporate Governance that leading to the company’s sustainability goals. Therefore, the CAC project is the project in which the board and management emphasize the importance and cooperation of all personnel.

In the second quarter of 2021 to the first quarter 2022, our personnel dedicated and implemented the CAC framework, and finally has been granted to be a member of CAC in June 2022 which succeeded 6 months ahead of schedule.

Thank you all personnel and support from Business Unit (BU) under Central Retail Group, to be a part of the achievement. I believe that our personnel will run business by fair and transparency for the sustainability of the company.

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