Our Sustainability Policy

Central Retail is committed to conducting business to grow along with sustainable development, bringing benefits to the organization, society and the environment and focusing on long-term results. We take into account the qualitative rather than quantitative benefits and aims to create benefits for all parties through operations and participation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Environmental Policy
Ethical Marketing Policy
Occupational Safety, Health and Work Environment Policy
Food Loss & Waste Reduction Guidelines
Waste Segregation Guidelines
Code of Conduct
Plastic & Packaging Reduction Guidelines
Commitment on Biodiversity Conservation and No Deforestation
Corporate Governance Policy
Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct Handbook
Business Ethics
Investor Relations Code of Conduct
Supplier Code of Conduct
Anti-Corruption Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Compliance Policy
Policy to Prevent Misuse of Insider Information
Preventing Conflict of Interest Policy
Tax policy
Divided Payment Policies of the Company and the Subsidiaries
Communication and Information Disclosure Policy
Succession Policy
Personnel Development Policy
Risk Management Policy
Related Party Transaction Policy
Policy on Acquisition or Lease of Land for Business Operation from Connected Person
Policy on Investment and Supervision and Governance of Subsidiaries and Associates
Human Rights Policy
Regulation on Human Rights for Labor
Information Security Mission Statement and Policy
Charter of the Risk Policy Committee
Appointment of CRC Risk Management Committee
Appointment of Risk Management Working Team
Announcement of Roles and responsibilities of CRC Risk Management Unit