CRC Retailligence

Shaping our next era

Central Retail today has become Thailand’s leading multi-format, multi-category and omnichannel retail and wholesale platform. The company continues to grow internationally, securing its leadership status in Italy and is recognised as one of Vietnam’s retail leaders. Behind our portfolio of diverse retail banners known for its leading market positions across categories is the iconic “Central” brand whose reputation for delivering the best, customer-centric approach to retailing dates to over 75 years in Thailand.

Since embarking on our digital transformation journey under ‘New Central New Retail’, Central Retail has consistently shaped the evolution of customer lifestyles and introduced new retail formats that serve diverse needs. Now staking its claim as the industry’s leading Omnichannel Retailer, the company builds on this proven success and ignites an exciting new era ahead.

Moving forward, Central Retail is guided by ‘CRC Retailligence’ strategy that serves as our strategic compass towards becoming Asia’s #1 retailer of the future. Powered by key growth drivers, we strive to reinvent next-gen omnichannel retail fueled by comprehensive data ecosystems, accelerate core leadership, build new growth pillars, and drive partnerships to move Central Retail boldly towards new frontiers. We are committed to win in new consumer paradigm with enhanced and hyper-personalised experiences across all business segments, and to ensure that we stay anti-fragile against future disruptions and dynamic markets.

With our expanding footprint, both locally and globally, we join forces with world-class partners to capture new growth opportunities to stay ahead of the market. Through this partnership-first DNA, we continue to inspire collective success and enable value-led sustainability in everything we do.

Central Retail Ecosystem

Competitive Strengths

Power Like No Other

Guided by the pursuit to deliver the best experiences for our customers and drive growth for our stakeholders, Central Retail’s expertise is a mix of different ‘powers’ that come together to drive the company forward.

The Power to Lead

As Thailand’s leading retailer, we house a powerful portfolio of retail and wholesale banners consisting of over 1,755 stores across Thailand. We are also growing internationally, securing leadership status in Italy and becoming one of the leaders in Vietnam. We have 1,897 stores across 3 countries. We are a pioneer in omnichannel retailing in Thailand, complementing its retail store network and merchandise offerings with leading positions among store-based retailers in online traffic.

How we lead:

Operates 651 department stores and specialty stores, 357 brandshops, 767 supermarket, hypermarket and wholesale, and health and wellness 122 stores

Supports businesses through retail leasing across store formats and locations

Pioneered omni-retailing since 2012

The Power to Innovate

Our name is synonymous to the innovation of retail experiences. Central Retail leads the way in developing shopping destinations, lifestyle centres and specialty stores that answer to the needs of changing consumer lifestyles. The company’s innovative approach is reflected through its creation of unique shopping experiences.

How we lead:

Tops Daily offering ready-made meals and co-working spaces

Central Food Hall with the experience to dine-in whilst shopping for premium groceries

Supersports ‘Run Lab’ offering tailored services for customers to choose the right running shoes

Thai Watsadu ‘AUTO1’, providing full-service car maintenance and ‘vFIX service’ connecting customers to certified building contractors

Omnichannel retailing platforms consisting of 10 active webstores

The Power to Connect

The scale and diversity of our retail ecosystem is one of many factors that attract the attention of prominent global brands seeking for a long-term partner with distribution channels in Thailand. Through our comprehensive network, it also enables greater synergy and efficiency in our operations, attracting high-level executives, top talent and major suppliers and partners. In turn, such competitive capability empowers us to offer holistic benefits to our customers and partners.

How we connect:

We have loyalty programs with a total of 29 million loyalty members from The1 in Thailand, Big Xu Card in Vietnam and Rinascentecard in Italy as of 31 December 2023.

Synergy with Central Group allows us to secure prime locations, guide store concepts and continuously renovate spaces

Support from Harng Central Department Store (HCDS) allows us the right to acquire some of HCDS business before it can offer the business to other buyers

The Power of Partnerships

Central Retail has a strong track record of international expansion mainly through acquisitions and joint ventures. Its partnerships in Vietnam has witnessed positive response. The same success is seen in Italy where the acquisition of Rinascente has made the retail center a must-visit shopping destination for tourists.

How we partner:

Formed joint ventures in Vietnam with Nguyen Kim and Lanchi Mart in 2015

Acquired Big C Vietnam in 2016 and continued expansion sine then

Acquired Rinascente Italy in 2011, and adapted offerings to the demands of Italian customers

The Power of Great Minds

Powering the continuous success of Central Retail is its management team that works alongside the Chirathivat family. The team consists of executives who are equipped with high-level expertise and proven experience in the retail industry. And through our proven leadership position, we consistently attract top talent locally and globally. Through our combined capabilities as one team, we believe there are few other retailers with a management team that could match our expertise and experience.