Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Central Retail strives to be an organization that adheres to good corporate governance principles and business ethics as a guideline for conducting business with transparency and accountability to stakeholders. Central Retail​ strives to be an organization that is free from corruption and all illegal misconducts to serve as a good role model for society.

Management Approach

To conduct business in accordance with good corporate governance principles and business ethics, Central Retail has appointed directors who are knowledgeable, diverse and have experience in the retail business to oversee business operations to ensure transparency and accountability to stakeholders’ interests. In addition, a Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee has been set up to drive good corporate governance and sustainable development issues.

In addition, Central Retail has announced Corporate Governance policy, Anti-corruption policy, other related policies, and Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct handbook to communicate and use in training for its directors and employee at all levels. To reaffirm and integrate into the core corporate culture, Central Retail has declared a whistleblowing policy and process to encourage all stakeholders to provide relevant information and participate in the fight against corruption. Most importantly, whistleblowers will be fairly protected.

Certification of membership in the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC)

Central Retail has been certified as a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) in 2022. Central Retail​ continuously communicates and organizes anti-corruption training for employees through various channels, such as public websites, internal website, email, and online training. Central Retail also communicates the business partner code of conduct and anti-corruption policy to all business partners to inform business partners to comply with the Company's requirements.

Preparation of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited’s Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct Handbook

Central Retail has prepared Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct Handbook, which contains a compilation of the code of conduct, Corporate Governance Policy, and various practices in writing. The Handbook is disclosed on the Central Retail website and requires annual reviews. Central Retail communicates the manual through various channels such as e-mail, intranet, and training sessions and requires the employees acknowledge and sign their agreement to strictly follow the handbook. The handbook is used by directors, executives, employees and related parties as guidelines in performing their duties with responsibility, honesty and integrity, as well as adhere to the principle of transparency, accountability and ethics to all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct Handbook

Business Ethics Training

Central Retail has organized staff training and business ethics communications to create understanding and awareness for all employees regarding compliance with the Company’s business ethics and code of conduct, as well as to maintain the good corporate governance of the organization.


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Employees with Management and Higher Level
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