Central Retail is paving a journey
of sustainable growth for all

Chairman's Message

Today, we need to think about a business which brings developments to the environment and society. Its actions should strive for long-term results, recognize more than itself but for others, prioritize the quality over quantity. At its heart, the business should create shared-value for all.

Dr. Prasarn Trairatvorakul - Chairman

Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited

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Sustainability at Central Retail

At Central Retail, we are progressing our everyday work with an awareness of impact we do have on our people and our planet, a way to generate prosperity under good governance practice and a view of peace and partnership that we are all mutually dependent.




Peace & Partnerships

Our Approach and Strategy

From promise to action, our sustainability approach prioritizes set of actions that reveal our vision, values, and belief.

Years of implementation and thousands of efforts from people at Central Retail together with our partners, life can be better.

2020 Achievement


Empower and reduce inequality for people with disabilities

509 people

New students applying to the vocational college to reach the needs of the labor market increased by


Upgrade farm products for Jing Jai Farmers’ Market, generating

193 million baht

Number of local farmers for Jing Jai Farmers’ Market,

15,866 people

Lead retailers to reduce plastic bag usage,

236 million prices

Reduce food waste to landfills through donations

797,306 meals

Earn up to 9 million baht for community enterprise Na Meun Si Fabric,

9 million baht

Our Stories

Better Together

To help drive the mission of creating a better world, we join hands with our staff, business partners, alliances, and friends who share and strengthen the supports in many life-changing projects.

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Central Retail’s Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Report 2021
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Sustainability Report 2020