Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To ensure that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) are deeply ingrained within the corporate culture and strategy, Central Retail is committed to promote gender equality, inclusive environments, well-being, and upholding human and labor rights for both employees and contractors. Importantly, Central Retail commits to zero tolerance policy for discrimination, and sexual and non-sexual harassment, and will take strict disciplinary and corrective actions to secure fairness and provide remedies for any impacts. Central Retail has implemented initiatives to ensure that employees with diverse circumstances are considered, valued, and supported. Moreover, Central Retail strives to offer more products and services that integrate DE&I values to broaden access to a larger customer base.



of management level employees are females

Impact to Business, Stakeholders, and Human Rights

A DE&I-driven corporate culture contributes new perspectives and ideas, potentially creating new business opportunities for Central Retail. Furthermore, DE&I enhances Central Retail’s understanding of a diverse customer base and stakeholder groups, leading to improved decision-making. By valuing the personal circumstances and opinions of all employees, DE&I fosters employees’ sense of belonging and well-being, increases positive engagement scores, reduces turnover, and attracts new talent—particularly from the younger generation that highly values DE&I.

Management Approach

As outlined in the Human Rights Policy, Central Retail is committed to ensuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) through equal treatment of all employees and stakeholders, without discrimination based on race, nationality, gender, age, color, religion, opinion, physical condition, social or family status, or any other distinctions. The Human Rights Policy also asserts a zero-tolerance stance on sexual and non-sexual harassment, committing to fair investigations of any incidents involving all parties. Furthermore, Central Retail prioritizes the well-being of its employees, with 100% representation by the Welfare Committee on collective bargaining and related issues.

Central Retail has reassessed its ‘I-CARE’ core values to mirror an inclusive corporate culture that cultivates unity and shared purpose in today’s business environment. The I-CARE Project plans actions that include: 1) Embed+Expand into policy and business strategy, 2) Cultivate+Expertise to develop initiatives for employee empowerment, and 3) Raise Awareness+Understanding to integrate DE&I into the work process.

Embrace digitalization to foster innovation
Deliver excellent services to exceed customers’ expectation
Work as team to win as One
Express your care, share your thoughts, and support on another
Adhere to Code of Conduct and admire good behaviors

Importantly, Central Retail is continuously working to improve its programs that promote health and well-being benefits, such as life and health insurance, maternity and paternity leave, and retirement benefits. To ensure the effectiveness of DE&I initiatives, the Human Resources Department conducts an annual employee survey with measurable metrics for track and advance DE&I within Central Retail. This survey informs strategic planning and identifies areas for improvement to further enhance an inclusive workplace.

Project Highlights

CRC Women Series

Central Retail launched the CRC Women Series as part of its continuous effort to empower women in the workplace. This initiative captures and shares the inspiring stories, insights, and experiences of female employees within Central Retail through social media, email, and bulletin boards. It demonstrates Central Retail’s dedication to recognizing and spotlighting the voices and contributions of women. In 2023, the CRC Women Series featured the inspiring stories of 15 employees.

Supporting an Aging Society through Senior Citizen Employment

Central Retail has launched a senior citizen employment campaign to aid in the transition towards an aging society. This initiative offers employment opportunities to senior citizens, leveraging their extensive experience and challenging stereotypes related to aging. The program promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, aligning with demographic trends.

Advancing Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

Central Retail is committed to employing persons with disabilities (PWDs) by setting up contact centers specifically for Power Buy and Thai Watsadu. This initiative also provides training to PWDs to help them excel in their careers, aiming to break down barriers and change perceptions regarding the abilities of PWDs. Through this effort, Central Retail not only meets its social responsibility but also enhances its workforce with a range of diverse skills and experiences. Currently, the program employs over 80 PWDs.

Life at CRV – Bridging Cultures for Diversity and Career Mobility

‘Life at CRV’ is a video series launched in 2023, offering insights into the daily life and work culture at the Vietnam business unit (CRV) located in Ho Chi Minh City. This initiative aims to bridge cultural and operational gaps between employees in both Thailand and Vietnam business units. Central Retail promotes internal career mobility across its business units, fostering a workforce enriched with diverse experiences and perspectives.

Work from Home and Flexible Working Hours

Central Retail provides an option for employees to work from home one day a week or as deemed suitable. This policy helps employees save time and commuting expenses. Additionally, Central Retail offers flexible working hours to eligible employees in specific business units, promoting a better work-life balance. Employees have the option to select from five working hour timeslots. The adoption of work from home and flexible working hours is designed to reduce work-related stress and enhance employee engagement with the organization.

8.00 – 17.30
8.30 – 18.00
9.00 – 18.30
9.30 – 19.00
10.00 – 19.30

Family Benefits

  • Breastfeeding rooms have been established across work locations to support employees in balancing childcare with work responsibilities.
  • Fully furnished daycare room completed with play areas and toys, are available to support children’s developmental skills and allow employees to spend more time with their children, even during work hours.
  • Scholarships are offered to children of employees who have been with Central Retail for at least three years and earn a salary of less than 20,000 baht. These scholarships require the awardees to maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 and exhibit good behavior. In 2023, Central Retail awarded 1,548 scholarships, totaling a value of 10 million baht.
  • Paid parental leave is granted, providing 45 days for the primary caregiver and 3 days for the non-primary caregiver. This benefit helps retain and support employees during such significant life events.

Sport and Health Programs

  • Gym facilities are available at each work location, equipped with a wide range of modern exercise equipment designed to meet various fitness levels and preferences. This ensures that employees have convenient access to gym facilities to maintain a regular exercise regimen.
  • Instructor-led fitness classes are offered to employees to enhance both physical fitness and mental well-being. Available classes include Yoga and Zumba.
  • CRC League & Central Group I-CARE Games 2023 In 2023, Central Retail launched the CRC League, a group-level sports tournament that features volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, and table tennis matches involving 8 teams from 15 business units. The CRC League led up to the Central Group I-CARE Games 2023, which included sports tournaments, parades, cheerleading, and fun activities. These events were designed to cater to the diverse interests of employees and promote diversity and inclusion. Employees with similar sports interests formed groups, fostering ongoing communication and relationship building. Over 1,200 employees participated in the CRC League and Central Group I-CARE Games in 2023.

Mental Well-Being and Workplace Stress Management

Central Retail collaborates with iSTRONG, a private organization committed to providing counseling and mental health services, as outlined below:

iSTRONG – Mental Health

Financial Well-Being

Central Retail’s employees are entitled to become members of the Staff of Central Saving and Credit Cooperative (SCSC), established in 1976 to promote economic and financial well-being. SCSC currently has 7,114 members and provides a suite of financial benefits and support designed to enhance long-term financial stability.

  • High-interest savings accounts are available for all employees, with a specialized provision for those aged 50 and above, offering particularly high interest rates to help them build a substantial retirement fund.
  • Low-interest loans and educational loans are available to employees, their spouses, and children to support urgent financial needs and long-term educational objectives.
  • Additional financial benefits are provided for employees, such as financial aid during natural disasters, funeral expense assistance, welcoming grants for newborn children, etc.

The Central Retail Management Associate Program (MA) embodies Central Retail’s vision to nurture a diverse cohort of talented young leaders who are immersed in customer-centric, omnichannel, and sustainability concepts. The MA Program is designed to attract high-potential young talents by offering an intensive work program that exposes them to all core business functions within an assigned business unit. This enables MA program employees to have an accelerated career path toward leadership roles within Central Retail, aligning with the corporate objective of building a consistent pipeline of well-rounded mid-level managers.

By integrating elements like technological fluency, collaborative work styles, and meaningful engagement, the MA Program is uniquely positioned to resonate with Gen Z’s aspirations and values. Moreover, by providing instant and regular feedback and decision-making opportunities, the MA program participants are exposed to an open and inclusive learning culture that they are expected to carry forward into the future when they become leaders. In 2023, 16 employees participated in the MA program.

The Dual Vocational Education program has been an ongoing initiative since 2012, providing scholarships to students enrolled in a High Vocational Certificate (HVC) and Bachelor’s Degree programs. The program aims to develop students in disciplines that align with Central Retail's needs, thus making them potential new hire candidates. From 2012 to 2023, more than 5,000 students have joined the Dual Vocational Education program, and 2,578 of these students have been hired by Central Retail.