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Tops "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2023” campaign

Tops, the #1 food retailer in Thailand under Central Retail, welcomes the new year with the first campaign of the year, “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2023”, to stimulate purchasing by offering a good shopping experience on the occasion of the Chinese New Year to ring in the Year of the Rabbit, true to the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY. The biggest assortment of auspicious offering items and exclusive offering sets are available at Tops, such as auspicious offering sets from Boon Tong Kee, silver Sar Sae set, auspicious seafood set, premium seafood hotpot set from Thammachart Seafood, value Sae Sae set, and premium fruits from local and international sources, as well as many other offering items, all available in one place at Tops. Customers can pre-order offering items before the festival conveniently both online and offline, and enjoy special discounts and Shop Dee Mee Khuen tax deduction.