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Visit Tops and discover new shopping experiences before everyone else at "Taste of Japan 2023", Japanese food enthusiasts can enjoy a wide variety of products and ingredients from the Land of the Rising Sun

Bangkok, January 30, 2023 - Tops, food retail business under Central Retail, reaffirms its leadership in the food retail market and skill in picking the finest food ingredients from across the world by welcoming consumers to the "Taste of Japan 2023" to discover specifically selected products that can't be found anywhere else. The festival features over 1,000 items of cuisine, raw materials, popular vegetables, and fruits from Japan's most famous food manufacturers and farms.It is a premier Japanese food festival that brings a diverse variety of authentic Japanese foods, snacks, fruits, raw materials, and condiments for customers to enjoy buying and tasting without having to travel to Japan. Aside from reasonably priced products, the Japanese food fair at Tops offers exclusive offers for The1 Card members, such as buying two things at a reduced price and buying one get one free on selected products. The promotions are valid at Tops, Tops Food Hall, and Tops Online from today through February 7, 2023.

Tops' Every Day DISCOVERY theme encourages customers to discover a fresh and distinctive shopping experience that will provide them with colorful and meaningful moments. Shops and the entire retail space are arranged to make customers feel as if they are shopping among cherry blossoms in full bloom in Japan. Japanese items selected specifically for this festival, such as premium-grade fruits imported from excellent sources, will amaze customers. Among the fruits that provide unique and distinctive flavors are Nyoho strawberries, Sanuki Hime strawberries, Ourin apples, Seikaiichi apples, and Mutsu apples, large green apples with a rich flavor.

Those who wish to make Japanese food at home easily but authentically have many seasonings and ingredients to choose from, including rice sprinkles in a variety of flavors, Yamamori sauce for cold soba and cold ramen, Yamamori soup seasoning powder for udon and ramen, and Marukome instant soup with seaweed and tofu mix, as well as a variety of noodles to pick up.

Japanese green tea bags are a must-have for anybody seeking snacks and sweets for a relaxed day. They are made from 100% Japanese tea leaves and have the same aroma and flavor as tea brewed in a traditional pot. Popular Maruesu snacks are available in a variety of tastes, including almond blended with seasoned crispy fish, crispy squid with spicy grilled chicken flavor, fish snacks loaded with cheese for a mouthful of mellow taste and firm texture, and many others.

Tops not only selects premium food products from Japan for you to purchase but there are also ready-to-eat savory and sweet foods provided at the Tops Food Hall, Chidlom branch. Aurora Salmon, the best premium salmon for sashimi, Hotate scallops with a sweet and delicate taste, soft texture, and a pleasant sea scent, and Maguro tuna, a favorite Japanese tuna for sashimi enthusiasts, are among them. Thammachart Seafood also has several sushi and sashimi dishes to tempt your taste buds. Unagi donburi (Japanese grilled eel rice bowl) is also available, with eel grilled hot and aromatic from the oven. Desserts, bread, tea, and coffee beverages are also available to complete the event experience. It offers a greater shopping experience based on the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY without having a long flight to Japan. Shoppers can shop for fresh, high-quality items as they would in Japan at Tops stores.

Discover the delight of top-quality foods and ingredients in authentic Japanese style at Tops, Tops Food Hall, and Tops Online from today till February 7, 2023. For additional information, visit the Facebook fan page TopsThailand or the app @TopsThailand.

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