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Power Buy Announces an Aggressive Brand Strengthen Plan On Occasion of Its 27th Anniversary

Power Buy, under Central Retail, has stayed on top of consumers’ minds for the past 27 years as the leading center of electrical and electronic products. It is now ready to become a full-scale omni-retailer that deploys offline and online channels to best serve customers in a digital age. The company highlights lifestyle and experiential marketing strategies by focusing on 4Power - Power Omnistore, Power Deal, Power Staff, and Power Care - to meet the needs of every family member and fulfill their shopping experience. It is currently strengthening a brand well-loved by customers of all generations. On its 27th anniversary, it has prepared a special promotion, “Power Buy 27th Anniversary … Daily Giveaways for You”, to thank all valued customers. The lucky winners will receive prizes worth more than two million baht, such as BYD ATTO 3 electric cars, 30 g. of gold, and Power Buy gift vouchers, every day from May 1 to June 30, 2023.

Mr. Varawut Pongchinpak, President of Powerbuy Co., Ltd., under Central Retail Group, revealed the business plan: “As a brand that has been a part of Thai people’s lives for 27 years, Power Buy never stops developing itself in response to changes and new trends. We are blessed with the strength as the multi-brand center carrying a complete range of electrical appliances and electronic products, more than 50,000 items from 500 leading brands, including new arrivals, exclusive items, innovation and cutting-edge technology, IoT, and smart solutions. Still, we keep adding more product categories to cover all customer segments. More importantly, we transform from an offline retailer to a full-scale omni retailer to accommodate changing customer behaviors and digital lifestyles. The business plan will focus on omnichannel platforms, including physical stores, websites, Chat&Shop applications, and other marketplace channels, to provide a comprehensive service. However, we know online and offline customers have different shopping behaviors. While customers who visit brick-and-mortar stores love to put their hands on products, online customers prefer a convenient shopping experience that allows them to shop anywhere, anytime. So, we focus on tailormade marketing strategies, offering items that satisfy the needs of each customer segment. We provide the best service, along with targeted promotions and benefits, to deliver the ultimate shopping experience. This year, we are ready to create a well-loved brand and enhance brand credibility. To elevate the shopping experience, we will apply a lifestyle and experiential marketing strategy with four main pillars:

  • Power…Omnistore: Now, shopping has no limit with the omnichannel. Power Buy currently has 122 physical stores, comprising 115 in-mall stores and seven standalone stores, in major and secondary cities nationwide. The company plans to give these branches a new and modern look, starting from the Central Chidlom branch, which will become the first Flagship Store Plus. With a unique appearance, the store offers a myriad of premium products at affordable prices and exclusive items. It also provides a shop-in-shop zone carrying leading brands and a special zone for tech enthusiasts like Game Zone, IoT Zone, and Smart Home. All floors are interconnected to create a seamless shopping experience. For online channels, the Power Buy App is well received by the new generation because it satisfies their lifestyles. With this application, customers can shop just a click away and choose products from various selections. The application’s features will also facilitate consumers' purchasing decisions. More importantly, they will receive extra benefits and special offers when shopping via the application. Therefore, this omnichannel will serve the smart living of all generations and fulfill the lifestyles of those in the digital age.
  • Power…Deal: Pricing strategy remains a key factor in stimulating purchases. In addition to promotional campaigns throughout the year, Power Buy allies itself with several business partners, such as leading electrical appliance brands, financial institutes, hotels, restaurants, and telecommunication companies, to offer the best value to customers, such as specially priced products, extra discounts, installment plans, cash back, premiums and many more.
  • Power…Staff: Power Buy elevates the service quality in every touchpoint to best serve the valued customers. When stepping into the store, customers will receive informative recommendations on product functionality from Power Buy Gurus, who will compare different models objectively to help them find the right products. Power Buy also increases the delivery workforce in every region to ensure punctual and effective delivery. Furthermore, it provides free same-day delivery service within Bangkok and free express delivery service within five hours in provincial areas. Moreover, the well-trained installation team is available to support customers professionally according to international standards. For after-sales service, Call Center 1324 supports customers 24 hours a day.
  • Power…Care: Power Buy continues to develop new service solutions. It is planning to launch a Home Solution, a one-stop service provided by specialized technicians, such as wiring electric systems, installing IT systems, repairing, and cleaning services. Power Buy will initially provide partial services in the second half of 2023 before expanding the scope to full service by 2024.

Power Buy will celebrate this special occasion with the first Power Deal, "Power Buy 27th Anniversary… Daily Giveaways for You". The gifts worth two million baht in total include BYD ATTO 3 Energy Awaken electric car, 16 pieces of 3g gold, 90 Power Buy vouchers worth 1,000 baht each, and a 0% installment plan for up to 15 months or cashback up to 45,000 baht (applicable only for participating credit cards). The 1 cardholders who spend 8,000 baht or more will earn x2 points. Customers can find the best deals at any Power Buy platform nationwide, including and the Power Buy application, from May 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023.

Moreover, Power Buy holds the "Power Buy ... Free Food and Transport in 5 Regions" activity to express customer appreciation. They will enjoy free street food from well-known local restaurants and a free ride in Tuk Tuk, hired motorcycles, and mini-trucks. This privilege is available on May 10, 2023, for those living in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Chonburi, and Nakhon Si Thammarat. On June 7, 2023, food courts in Robinson Lifestyle countrywide will offer free meals. The "Power Buy ... Free Food and Transport in 5 Regions" logo will bring joy to customers.

“All of these are Power Buy's directions to drive business in the 27th anniversary to ensure strong growth. We are confident that we will remain the number one multi-brand center of electrical and electronic appliances in all consumers’ minds," concluded Mr. Varawut.