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Tops has been awarded the HR Asia Best Company to Work for in Asia 2023 For its excellence in employee development and creating equal value together

Bangkok, 26 September 2023 - Tops, a food business under Central Retail, has won the "Best Company to Work for in Asia 2023" award from HR Asia, a leading media outlet specializing in human resource management in Asia. This prestigious international award reflects our excellence in efficient HR management and reaffirms our position as a retail leader that continues to grow in all aspects.

Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer Food Group, Central Retail, said receiving this award is a testament to the organization's potential in outstanding HR management throughout its business operations. We prioritize taking care of all employees by implementing the Employee Engagement strategy, which strengthens their commitment to the organization and motivates them to strive for the best in delivering excellent products and services to our customers. This strategy includes activities that encourage equal employee participation, respect for diversity in all dimensions, a work environment that supports productivity, workplace health care, and continuous skills enhancement to adapt to changes.

The Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023 award is organized by HR Asia, a subsidiary of Business Media International (BMI) in Malaysia. It has gained widespread recognition internationally since its inception in 2013. The award aims to identify and select leading companies throughout Asia that excel in HR systems, considering efficiency in HR strategies and practices, employee participation rates, the creation of a strong organizational culture, and the benefits and welfare provided. The evaluation is based on direct surveys from employees, with over 500 organizations from 13 Asian countries participating in the selection process.

Regarding this achievement, Mr. Jimmy Techottiussanee, Head of Business Unit’s Human Resources of Central Food Retail, added that building a strong organizational culture is crucial in promoting efficient employee performance. Tops has established the "TOPSTER Way" as a guideline for employees to strive towards being the best company to work for. This culture reflects our global perspective, workplace conduct, and the delivery of standardized products and services to impress our customers in the long run.

"Tops is committed to providing a happy experience by consistently offering the best products and services to our customers every day. We believe that qualified employees are the key to success. Therefore, it is essential to develop the organization in a way that builds trust and confidence among our employees, encouraging them to feel eager to work. This goes hand in hand with creating happiness and shared values in the workplace, providing opportunities for employees to use their talents." concluded Mr. Stephane.

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