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Tops unveils new Tops daily ‘Joy-venience’ store model, filling market gaps with the 4-Joy strategy and #EveryDayforEveryOne concept, discover daily delights now in 525 branches nationwide

Bangkok, 11 October 2023 — Tops, a food business under Central Retail Group, is boldly pioneering the creation of unique experiences and addressing market gaps by introducing a distinctive approach to the retail industry. Building upon the ‘Every Day DISCOVERY’ concept, Tops is enhancing its portfolio by metamorphosing Tops daily beyond its conventional mini-supermarket format. It aspires to make a discernable impact by offering delightful experiences through its novel business model, Tops Daily, now presented in the ‘Joy-venience’ format, spanning across 525 branches nationwide. This transformation aims to cater to diverse lifestyles and infuse more enjoyment into customers’ daily routines. With an array of Ready-to-Eat products and a wide selection of everyday essentials exclusively available at Tops, the objective is to consistently deliver the ‘Every Day for Everyone’ experience to customers, with a goal to maintain its unwavering leadership in the food retail sector while continually establishing authentic connections with customers.

Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer Food Group, Central Retail, disclosed that over 27 years of Tops’ presence in Thailand, the company has learnt and comprehended the evolving consumer behaviours through every phase of transition. Coupled with the trends in retail business and the influence of advanced technology and innovation, these insights have guided the development of a business that delivers comprehensive products and services, addressing customers’ needs comprehensively. Recently, Tops introduced a new business model, Tops daily, in the format of a ‘Joy-venience store’, a central hub of delight, ready to offer delightful experiences to customers every day. This move further enhances the ‘1 BRAND’ strategy by unifying all retail models, instilling confidence in customers across all segments. It represents the latest model aimed at elevating the customer experience, ensuring that shopping is fun and enjoyable every day, at any Tops location.

Tops daily, in the ‘Joy-venience’ store format, bridges gaps and transforms the daily payment experience into a convenient and enjoyable one, replete with fresh and exciting fun. It is designed to cater to diverse shopping lifestyles, guided by the ‘Every Day for Everyone’ concept. An analysis of consumer shopping behaviour data revealed that convenience, speed, ease of travel, and proximity to home were paramount. Simultaneously, consumers sought a variety of high-quality standard products, including premium items, while also considering pricing and promotions. Tops Daily has been meticulously designed to cater to these consumer lifestyles through its ‘4-Joy’ strategies, which entice customers to return for shopping and new experiences each day. These strategies include:

  • Joy Eat: Indulge in a range of delectable and easy ‘Eat now Eat later’ products, catering to the modern urban lifestyle that, despite its fast pace, craves enjoyable daily activities. Customers can enjoy crafting their own dishes with semi-prepared Korean-style ramen, mix-and-match hot pot toppings, and soft-serve ice cream dispensers, among many other options. All products guarantee freshness and high-quality ingredients for enjoyable and vibrant meals.
  • Joy Shopping: Explore world-class quality products conveniently situated near your home, featuring a collection of over 4,000 SKUs, the largest in history, spanning 14 product categories. This assortment highlights imported and exclusive brand products, available exclusively at Tops. Products are continuously rotated to infuse excitement into every visit.
  • Joy Value: Enjoy great prices with year-round promotions, including price-locked products, special discounts on RED HOT products, buy 1 get 1 free, and buy 2 save more deals, among others. These promotions deliver value to customers every day.
  • Joy-Loyalty: Revel in a satisfying shopping experience every time you return with the loyalty programme. Exclusive privileges for The1 members make shopping even more rewarding, including promotions, point accumulation, exchange for extra points, e-stamp fun accumulation, and many more.

“Tops daily is poised to serve as a pivotal addition, enhancing the food retail group’s portfolio and rendering it more comprehensive. Furthermore, it presents business growth opportunities for Tops. Presently, we’ve overhauled the format of the new outlets, totalling 525 branches, with ongoing expansion strategies. The objective is to extend accessibility to our outlets within the Greater Bangkok Area, and prominent tourist cities to cater to the diverse needs of contemporary clientele. By capitalising on the potential of being a significant player in product curation and quality, we are confident that this transformation will further underscore Tops’ progress towards becoming the country’s Food Discovery and Destination,” summarised Mr. Stephane.

Mr. Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, Head of Marketing, Public Relations & CSV of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, affirmed that Tops remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a consistently superb shopping experience and spreading joy to customers all year round. On the occasion of the official launch of Tops Daily in the ‘Joy-venience’ store format, customers participating in this shopping experience can relish exclusive benefits at Tops Daily branches, including:

  • Spend 200 baht or more per receipt to earn double The1 points! Additionally, receive a complimentary limited-edition Tops Daily bag. This enticing offer is valid for only one week — from 11 to 17 October 2023.
  • Enjoy the thrill of collecting and redeeming rewards! For every receipt worth 100 baht or more, receive 1 e-stamp. Collect these stamps to unlock rewards worth over 1,200 baht. This promotion runs from 11 October to 14 November 2023.
  • Spend a minimum of 120 baht and enjoy a generous 50 baht discount, exclusively available to new members of The1. Plus, receive a complimentary 600ml bottle of drinking water. This offer is accessible from 1 to 31 October 2023, alongside many other fantastic promotions to be announced.

For more information, please visit the website, follow the TopsdailyThailand Facebook page, or check out our Instagram at @Topsdaily_th.

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