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Tops partners with ‘Jaikla’ to drive 360-degree circular economy concept, turning excess food into pet treats, pioneering sustainable models

Bangkok, 24 October 2023 - Tops, a food business operating under Central Retail, has taken its food retail operations to a new level of sustainability through a holistic approach to food management. By making efficient use of resources and maximising benefits along the entire supply chain, Tops has embraced the Circular Economy concept. Recently, Tops partnered with Jaikla, a startup specialising in pet treats crafted from high-quality protein from insects, marketed under the Jaikla brand. This partnership aims to repurpose excess food products from distribution into food suitable for insect farming. It also fosters a platform for the distribution of these products, supports the growth of Thai startups, and reinforces the ‘Discover HAPPINESS’ concept for sustainable development. This aligns with Central Retail’s mission to become a pioneer in Green & Sustainable Retail, striving to establish a high-quality and sustainable lifestyle for people, communities, and the environment.

Mr. Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, Head of Marketing, Public Relations and CSV of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, stated that Tops has been actively collaborating with like-minded partners to advance sustainability in the food industry. This initiative seeks to collectively drive the reduction of global food waste resulting from business operations, leading to an improved quality of life for people in the present and the future. Operating through ‘Small Acts Together’ project, a small yet impactful initiative operating under a diverse management policy, it includes consistently delivering surplus high-quality food to underserved communities since 2019, collaborating with Yindii app to create a new sustainable model by transforming ‘food surplus’ into ‘surprise bags’ at cost-effective prices, and most recently, supporting the innovative and environmentally-conscious new generation startups. They achieve this by transforming surplus food into pet treat products made from insect protein, ensuring the most efficient use of resources throughout the entire chain and minimising food waste.

Mr. Ittikorn Thepmani, Founder of Jaikla, explained that Jaikla, which translates to ‘courageous heart,’ offers pet treats made from insect protein. This concept began with an environmental focus and a committed effort to address food waste issues in Thailand. It represents the introduction of sustainability into the pet food industry, a pioneering move under the circular economy model. The goal is for the brand to be associated with sustainability in pet nutrition, in line with Tops’ vision for sustainability. He expressed his gratitude for the support from a leading retail organisation in bringing this concept to life. The process starts with collecting surplus food from Tops stores, including bakery items, vegetables, and fruits that are no longer fit for human consumption. These products are then selected for their quality and cleanliness and transformed into insect-based pet food to ensure high-quality protein. The remaining insect biomass is repurposed into fertiliser, creating a sustainable and resource-efficient cycle, ultimately minimising waste throughout the entire supply chain.

“Through this collaboration, it not only supports the mission of sustainable development in the food business but also enhances the efficiency of surplus food management, aiming to reduce food waste and maximise resource utilisation. It also encourages Thai startup entrepreneurs to have the opportunity for steady business growth, aligning with the “Discover HAPPINESS” concept to create shared value from the upstream to the downstream. It resonates with the organisation’s mission to be a Green & Sustainable Retail pioneer for Thailand’s sustainability, with the goal of achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,” summarised Mr. Chakkit.

You can now join us in supporting products that are not only heart-warming but also good for the environment at Tops and Tops Food Hall, with a total of 20 branches, including Bangna, Lad Phrao, Phuket Festival, Samui, Nakhon Ratchasima, Salaya, Westgate Bang Yai, Mahachai, Ramindra, Fashion Island, Rangsit, Rayong, Robinson Ratchapreuk, Roi Et, Robinson Sri Saman, Ayutthaya, Sing Buri, Robinson Thalang, and Robinson Lifestyle at Chalong Phuket. You can also stay updated with the latest news and particulars at Tops Online by visiting, TopsThailand on Facebook, or the LINE official @TopsThailand.

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