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Thaiwatsadu unveils urban expansion plan, anchors new branch ‘77th Thaiwatsadu × BnB home Nakorn In’ to cater to megaprojects and real estate demands

Bangkok, 7 December 2023 - Thaiwatsadu, a leading retailer of construction materials and home furnishing products, operating under CRC Thaiwatsadu Co., Ltd., strategically amplifies its urban presence with a significant investment of 400 million baht. Scaling up to 77 branches, Thaiwatsadu collaborates with BnB home in the Nakorn In district, covering a 20,000-square -metre area to address the demand for construction materials and home décor across more than 250,000 households in the region. The objective is to cater to customers in both mid-range and high-end segments in the vicinity of Rama 5 road, Nakorn In - Ratchaphruek, a pivotal area for residential real estate and major projects from public and private sectors. This expansion is a key component of their customer-focused strategy aimed at serving diverse clientele.

Mr. Suthisarn Chirathivat, Suthisarn Chirathivat, the CEO of CRC Thaiwatsadu Company Limited, a subsidiary of Central Retail, emphasised the recent expansion in the final month of this year, introducing three additional areas, commencing with the Nakorn In branch in Nonthaburi province. This strategy aligns with the urban expansion initiative, particularly within the Greater Bangkok area, bolstering the burgeoning construction industry driven by large-scale public and private projects. This growth is fueled by the expanding transportation network and augmented investments from real estate consortiums, notably in Nonthaburi’s Rama 5 - Nakorn In - Ratchaphruek region, renowned for its convenient access to Bangkok’s central business district (CBD). Additionally, this locale serves as a hub for high-end residential developments, presenting Thaiwatsadu with an opportunity to extend its presence in this locality.

Nonthaburi province boasts the highest number of Thaiwatsadu outlets nationwide, with Thaiwatsadu × BnB home in Nakorn In marking the sixth branch in Nonthaburi. This addition fortifies the business in Nonthaburi, meeting the escalating demand for construction materials and home décor, in line with their continuous expansion. Preceding this, the branch openings at Bang Bua Thong, Chaengwattana, Chaiyaphruek, Sri Samarn, and Bang Yai received a positive response from the local community. However, the Nakorn In branch, besides offering construction materials and home décor, stocks an extensive array of products, including tools, home decoration items, furniture, camping equipment, outdoor items, and renowned electrical appliances, providing over 20,000 items to meet diverse customer needs. This branch stands out due to its exceptional offerings:

  • Catering to Diverse Lifestyles and Emerging Needs - The Nakorn In branch amalgamates the strengths of both brands, Thaiwatsadu and BnB Home, creating a more comprehensive range. This integration facilitates convenient purchase of hardware and home décor products and offers home repair services for both professional contractors and homeowners. Additionally, the branch proactively stocks products anticipated for future demand across different zones, surpassing customer expectations.
  • Addressing All Housing-Related Requirements - Thaiwatsadu caters to a diverse customer base including contractors, craftspeople, and general homeowners by assigning experts to various zones, providing tailored advice and recommendations for prevalent needs and issues. Furthermore, the store provides professional craftsmen for a variety of household services, including repair, renovation, enhancement, decoration, or installation.
  • Adapting to the Trend of Online Purchasing - By presenting products resonating with customers systematically and offering crucial information before purchasing, after-sales service, and a user-friendly online platform, both as native mobile application and web-based application, ensuring timely delivery. The branch also offers v-FIX services to address repair and installation issues, managed by a team of experts.

“Thaiwatsadu’s strategy aligns with sustainability, focusing on community and the environment, emphasising the importance of sustainability throughout, especially in terms of environmentally friendly construction and home décor products available across all Thaiwatsadu branches nationwide. Each branch will feature solar roof installations to reduce expenses and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the Thaiwatsadu × BnB home Nakorn In branch has installed a 999 KWp on-grid solar rooftop system and collaborated with partners to support and donate to the local Bang Pai Health Promotion Hospital, enhancing medical capabilities in the area,” concluded Mr.Suthisarn Chirathivat.

As of December 2023, Thaiwatsadu has successfully opened a total of 11 new branches for the year 2023. These include Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Rangsit Khlong 4 Branch; Thaiwatsadu Korat Hua Thale Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Phuket Chalong Branch; Thaiwatsadu Kamphaeng Phet Branch; Thaiwatsadu Chainat Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Mueang Ake Branch; Thaiwatsadu Loei Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Samut Prakan Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Chiang Mai San Sai Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Bang Yai Branch, Thaiwatsadu Sisaket Branch and Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Nakorn In. Besides, there are plans for continuous branch openings scheduled until the end of 2023.