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Thaiwatsadu under Central Retail expands construction materials and home décor empire to 83rd branch in Klaeng, Rayong, to stimulate purchasing power in highest-GDP city, supporting economic growth and boosting infrastructure development in EEC

Rayong, 27 June 2024 — Thaiwatsadu, a leader in the retail business of construction materials and home decoration under CRC Thaiwatsadu Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Central Retail, continues to expand its branches according to its comprehensive roadmap to meet the needs of customers in all areas. The latest development sees the opening of a new branch, ‘Thaiwatsadu Klaeng,’ the 83rd branch in the country, with an investment of 480 million baht. This marks the 3rd Thaiwatsadu store in Rayong province, following the Ban Chang and Rayong branches, aiming to cater to all demands arising from economic expansion, construction growth in surrounding industrial estates, and the purchasing power in Rayong, which has had the highest GDP and GPP in the country for the past decade.

The new branch is situated in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) zone, where Rayong’s industrial value accounts for 15.8% of the nation’s total industry and is home to several leading industrial estates. The ‘Thaiwatsadu Klaeng’ branch boasts a prime location on the main highway, along Sukhumvit road, Tambon Thung Kwai Kin, Klaeng district, in Rayong province. Covering a service area of over 15,500 square metres, the store offers a comprehensive range of construction materials, tools, electrical equipment, plumbing systems, home appliances, home decoration items, and over 40,000 other products.

At the grand opening ceremony of the ‘Thaiwatsadu Klaeng’ branch, Ms. Salareewan Tupthawee, Deputy Governor of Rayong Province, honoured the event as the presiding officer, along with executives from government and private sectors who attended to extend their congratulations.

Mr. Suthisarn Chirathivat, CEO of CRC Thaiwatsadu Co.,Ltd. a subsidiary of Central Retail, stated that the opening of Thaiwatsadu Klaeng will expand its customer base, catering to more than 129,000 residents in Klaeng district of Rayong. This expansion aligns with the growth in the economic, industrial, and real estate sectors of the province, supported by a multitude of EEC-related projects, which accompany the development of infrastructure, transportation routes, industrial estates, and new business investments. The increasing population, both Thai and immigrants, has led to a higher demand for residential homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, and hotels and resorts.

To support the growth in the area, Thaiwatsadu Klaeng will meet the demand for construction materials and home repair and decoration products, catering to customers of all calibres, from small to large businesses, contractors, homebuilders, and general homeowners. It aims to fulfil all aspects of construction, decoration, and home repair needs for the residents of Klaeng district and the surrounding areas in Rayong Province.

Mr. Suthisarn added that CRC Thaiwatsadu has outlined four strategic pillars to enhance the prominence of Thaiwatsadu Klaeng and achieve the goal of becoming the leading modern trade retailer in construction materials in the Eastern region:

  • Meeting Every Need: ‘Thaiwatsadu Klaeng’ is the third comprehensive branch in Rayong Province, specialising in modern retail for construction and home decoration materials. It offers an extensive range of products, including construction materials, electrical equipment, hardware, tools, tiles, paint and chemicals, water pumps, sanitary ware, furniture, and many other items from leading brands, totalling up to 40,000 products. The store also provides attractive promotions and special discounts to meet every construction need of contractors, businesses, engineers, and general customers who wish to decorate or repair their homes with convenience, ensuring they get everything they need in one place, to their satisfaction, and at the best value.
  • Meeting Every Growth Target: Klaeng district is a significant area in Rayong province, characterised by diverse geographical features that contribute to economic growth in various sectors. This includes agriculture, with key economic crops and fruits such as rubber, durian, rambutan, mangosteen, and longkong. The tourism sector also thrives with attractions like Laem Mae Phim beach, Ao Khai, Tung Prong Thong, and Laem Son viewpoint. Additionally, industrial and real estate investments are robust. The establishment of ‘Thaiwatsadu Klaeng’ will further drive economic progress and expansion in Klaeng district. This new branch is expected to create up to 200 local jobs, thereby enhancing income distribution and circulation within the community.
  • Meeting Every Connection: Thaiwatsadu Klaeng branch is strategically located along Sukhumvit road, an interregional highway and key transport route in Rayong province. This road links Bangkok to various provinces in the eastern region, including Chonburi, Chanthaburi, and Trat. Additionally, it connects to new routes from the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project, reducing the distance from Bangkok to Klaeng district to just 170 kilometres. It also links to U-Tapao International Airport, the Eastern railway line, and the under-construction high-speed rail connecting the three airports (Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi, and U-Tapao). This makes Thaiwatsadu Klaeng a critical strategic location, catering to the purchasing power of customers from Klaeng district and the surrounding areas in Rayong province.
  • Meeting Every Shopping Need: Thaiwatsadu Klaeng branch is a modern trade outlet offering a comprehensive shopping experience for construction materials, electrical systems, plumbing systems, water filters, electrical appliances, tools, sanitary ware, furniture, home decoration items, and over 40,000 products. The spacious, modern store features a Construction Showroom, making Thaiwatsadu the first to display over 5,000 actual materials and products, including roofing tiles, structural steel, scaffolding equipment, fibre cement, concrete blocks, and more. The knowledgeable staff provide expert advice and recommendations. Additionally, for added convenience and speed, there are 24-hour online shopping options available through the fully operational website, the Chat & Shop service via LINE @Thaiwatsadu as well as teleshopping through Call Centre 1308.

“Thaiwatsadu is a modern trade retailer of construction materials and home decoration products with branches covering all regions, ensuring accessibility for customers everywhere. It serves as an all-round assistant in construction, decoration, and home repair projects, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution. This also creates employment opportunities, providing locals with stable jobs and income, reflecting Central Retail’s CRC Care business philosophy in terms of ‘Care for the Economy.’ This philosophy aims to promote prosperity nationwide, develop secondary cities, stimulate financial circulation, and support local economic development, a commitment CRC Thaiwatsadu under Central Retail has consistently upheld. Additionally, we recognise the importance of standing alongside the community and promoting the health of local residents. Thaiwatsadu donates funds raised through the collective efforts of our partners whenever a new branch opens. For the Klaeng branch, a donation has been made to Health Promoting Hospital of Ban Pho Than to benefit the community’s healthcare," concluded Mr.Suthisarn.

CRC Thaiwatsadu operates nationwide in 48 provinces. In 2024, the company opened three new branches: 1) Thaiwatsadu × BnB Home Udon Thani Kud Sa, 2) Thaiwatsadu Aranyaprathet, and 3) Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo. Thaiwatsadu Klaeng is the fourth branch this year, marking the 83rd in the country, with more branches planned throughout the year.

For more information and promotions, visit, LINE: @Thaiwatsadu, Facebook: Thaiwatsadu, or call 1308.