Educational Development

Improve the vocational education system, upgrading capabilities to meet the needs of the labor market

Central Retail contributes to education in various ways. We aim to fulfill the dreams of young people who may be lacking in opportunity. Beyond this, Thai youngsters are trained to potential worldwide standard via field experience and curriculum improvements in preparation for the labor market.

The curriculum as devised in the past was not able to satisfy the changing demands of the labor market. We are not able to devise by ourselves a vocational education system on an individual basis. Entrepreneurs need to tell us what they want, and to have an input into our education products. In other words, the entrepreneur is the link in the chain connecting us to the labor market.

Dr Niroot Bootsandlee (Director of Udonthani Vocational College)

Central Retail and Udonthani Vocational College have cooperated on updating the curriculum in three areas: logistics, hotel management, and fashion and textile design. We also provided an opportunity for students to participate in field experience within our organization. This encourages parents to be more confident, and as a result the number of new students applying to the vocational college increased by more than 100 percent in 2019. Fulfilling the eagerness for knowledge and the ability to reach the needs of the labor market greatly improves the lives of our young people.