Journey to Zero

The Journey to Zero campaign aims to diminish the use of plastic bags, with a reduction of 150 million pieces in 2019, decreasing waste and lessening the impact on the environment.

Journey to Zero is one of the campaigns under Central Retail Love The Earth, and along with urging the awareness of decreasing plastic bag usage is aimed at reducing food waste, and ensuring lower carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions through the use of green energy.

We are campaigning against plastic bag and drinking straw usage. Plastic bags and straws are no longer provided, and instead we are encouraging customers to use natural packaging products. Our concern about waste extends to instructing people on how to separate garbage, and supplying litterbins at various points in the shopping malls and office buildings.

Food waste is also being reduced. In some cases, leftover food supplies can be delivered to someone in need. Wasted food can also be transformed in different ways through recycling systems under cooperation with national and international partnerships.