Toxin-Free Vegetables - Phu Thap Boek, Phetchabun

Toxin-Free Vegetables - Phu Thap Boek, Phetchabun

“After farming for a while, we started to have chemical allergies. People around us also feel unwell from chemicals. This is what aroused us to start growing organic vegetables causing positive consequences because we are not palpated with the uses of chemicals anymore. Now, people who consume our vegetables are healthy and safe” - Chantima Songsirikulpairin (An organic vegetable farmer from Phetchabun province.

Central Retail has an opportunity to visit Phu Thap Boek Vegetable Cooperative in Phetchabun province, which is well-known as the center of toxin-free vegetables distributed to Tops Supermarket branches nationwide.

Given the chance to speak with farmers who grow organic vegetables, the cooperative authorities told us further that before purchasing these vegetables from farmers - a table will be set up to check the levels of chemicals every time. This process is mandatory to ensure confidence that these well-grown crops are safe and toxic-free.

Central Retail has provided support for farmers in various areas to turn into organic farmings, including farmers from Ban Thap Boek at Lom Kao district, Phetchabun province. All have resulted in a positive consequence towards the producers, consumers, and the environment. Therefore, we support the use of greenhouses and work together with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) to encourage chemical-free seedlings by consulting and providing knowledge of organic farming.

TOPS Thailand, under Central Retail, continues to support the community by purchasing these toxic-free vegetables to be sold in TOPS supermarkets across the country. All were determined to create a sustainable income for local communities and encourage farmers based on organic farming.