Kai Nork Kork

Central Retail becomes a part of supporting and purchasing chicken eggs

Central Retail has joined in to support and purchase egg products from the project that is now, being sold in Tops Supermarket. For the time being, the project has curated an income of over 2 million Thai Baht, while expanding to more than 22 schools in 2019.

“Kai Nork Kork” also known as a project for chickens to lay eggs in schools has become another notable scheme in Kalasin province. With the aim to encourage students to raise chickens out from their corrals through natural means, allowing them to run and play freely (Free-range) for a healthy life, making these chickens a happy mother with eggs that tastes even better. Apart from this, they are fed with natural-nutritious eatables mixed with microbial fermentation foods from banana leaves, rice brans as well as insects or termites, natural worms supplemented with herbs such as, galangal, lemongrass, and grasses which helps to create an immune system to resist diseases, which results to less use of medication.

The project also trains these children to become an entrepreneur through learning and physically experiencing the ways to raise chickens naturally - to produce one of the finest natural-made eggs for everyone to have good health and to build skills and expand career knowledge among Thai youth in the future.