The Secrets Behind Organic Farming of Mae Tha Community

Central Retail has stepped in, to fully support organic farming that aims to establish a pathway for food safety and a sustainable community, which has resulted in the cooperation with the ‘Earth Net Foundation’ and various parties contemplated to promote the “Mae Tha Sustainable Life Project.” The group has assisted to support through budgets of the project, construction of new training and organic seeds screening rooms, along with improving buildings use for packing vegetables while installing air conditioners for the Mae Tha Sustainable Agriculture Cooperatives.

The secret behind these organic vegetables of the Mae Tha community, from Chiang Mai province, started by the power of people from the young generations that has gathered up to grow a community that foresees to thrive the growth of hometown by incorporating ‘the new way of life,’ while preserving the traditional customs by the foundation of establishing learning centers in different areas of “Khuang Cheewit, Withee Young-Yuen.” All are done to allow villagers to feel familiarized with and experience a variety of real actions.

Apart from this, Central Group also purchases these organic grew vegetables to help increase the distribution channels by placing them on sell-through Jing Jai Farmer’s Market and Tops Thailand around 7 branches of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Lampang province. As well as to advocate and distribute the income between communities and to embolden the idea of organic farming.