In a new move that rocks the Thai retail industry, Central Retail drives its business for sustainable growth with the launch of “Tops Green”, the first green store in Thailand, catering to modern consumers for the people of Chiang Mai and the world

Chiang Mai, May 8, 2022 - Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited (CRC) continues to grow its business sustainability by introducing a new store concept, “Tops Green”, the first green store, with the launch at JingJai Market Chiang Mai. Under the concept “The green concept store for the people of Chiang Mai and the world.”, it aims to generate jobs and income for the local people and be a community for Quality Time Together for Chiang Mai residents and those who live a green lifestyle. The store offers more than 1,200 quality products from 13 communities and 14 organic producers. There is also a food zone for seven famous Northern eateries. This highlights the CRC Retailligence strategy and its commitment to fulfill every shopping experience and be Central to Life.

Stephane Coum, CEO of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, said, “Central Retail and Tops develop our business to meet all needs of its consumers alongside creating shared value with every sector. We recognize our role in showing responsibility and contributing to people, community, society and environment, and we see the potential of Chiang Mai as a prime location rich in Lanna culture, local wisdom, natural and historical destinations, simple life, and outstanding community and craft products. We have launched a new community-oriented concept store Tops Green, which is the first green store in Thailand for modern consumers. The concept is ‘The green concept store for the people of Chiang Mai and the world.’, following our business strategy in four areas: 1. Better life: Tops Green is a center of the community, creating jobs and income for Chiang Mai residents. It’s a place for people to spend quality time together by having quality local products and spending happy moments together in their family. 2. Better work: There are more than 1,200 local products from 13 communities and 14 local organic farmers. 3. Better world: Recognizing the importance of recycling, our staff uniform is each made from 6-8 recycled plastic bottles, and each apron is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. We also have a recycling point in our store. 4. Better society: We have Food for Good Deed project with SOS to donate surplus food to help those in need in six communities and charities in Chiang Mai, covering 2,700 families. We support craftsmanship, handmade products, and design products, as well as local farmers, so that they can generate income and bring livelihood to their community. We also support the sharing of craft knowledge to the society.”

Tops Green also selects products that are 100% natural and environment-friendly throughout the process to ensure that the products meet the needs of green-hearted consumers. One of the highlights is the Han Lam Thin Hao Zone (local delicious eateries) which brings together seven famous restaurants that use quality local ingredients and offer healthy products, including Sod Coffee, which serves 100% organic coffee certified by the USDA and EU, Buon Gusto restaurant, which serves delicious dishes that fuse Northern, Southern and Italian flavors through the use of organic herbs and quality ingredients, 7 Senses Gelato, a handcrafted Italian gelato parlor with 100% natural ingredients, seasonal and organic fruits grown by local farmers, Nasi Jampu, a local eatery offering beautifully designed fusion dishes that look good and taste good, Green Mill plant based healthy food restaurant, Sab Ver by P Maew Northern and Isan food using the owner’s mother’s recipes, with more than 30 years of history, cooked with locally sourced ingredients, and The Baker artisan bakery offering freshly baked cakes, breads, pies and other baked goods, using premium ingredients. Kad Green Zone is where local farmers and businesses can display their products every day, such as Mae Tha Organic Community Enterprise which sells fruits and processed organic seasonal foods, Hom Sa Lee Garden which sells organic fruits and vegetables grown with natural fertilizers, and Rom Mai Garden and Farm which sells organic seasonal vegetables. Most of the products at Tops Green are from local producers in Chiang Mai or other Northern provinces.

Another proud highlight of Tops Green is using the local Northern dialect to make the residents feel that Tops Green is a green store created for the society and Chiang Mai residents to improve the livelihoods of both consumers and producers. Customers can enjoy purchasing local products from local farmers and businesses in an atmosphere inspired by the local culture using local materials mixed with modern design. There are great services such as Personal Shopper via LINE TopsGreenChiangmai, product advice, Tops Online car delivery, Drive Thru pickup, free Home Delivery when spending 1,500 baht in applicable zones.

“Central Food Retail and Tops aim for Tops Green, the first green store for modern consumers at JingJai Market Chiang Mai, to be a new landmark for Chiang Mai residents and green-hearted visitors. This is a place where they can enjoy dining, relaxing and shopping in a 360-degree experience. This will be a new business model for sustainability, creating shared value, and collaboration between communities and society, leading to long-term benefits. That’s the goal of this business, which reaffirms our CRC Retailligence strategy, as we fulfil every shopping experience for our customers and be Central to Life.”

Experience a community-oriented shopping experience for a better life and a better world at “Tops Green”, the first green concept store at Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai, open daily at 8AM-8PM on weekdays and 6AM-8PM on weekends. For the latest updates, visit Facebook TopsThailand.

*** Tops Green opening promotions during May 7 - June 6, 2022

  • Get a chic tote bag, each made with seven recycled PET bottles, worth 195 baht when spending 500 baht per receipt.
  • Get a 30 baht discount when adding LINE @TopsGreenChiangmai.
  • Get up to 40 baht off when spending 300 baht per receipt on Monday through Friday.