When discussing the topic of tourism nowadays, the ‘Cultural Tourism’ trend has gained immense popularity, attracting large volumes of tourists both domestically and internationally, which subsequently generates income into the country and the communities continuously.

It has also made the communities stronger, as well as increasing income by expanding local wisdom into quality products. Plus, folk arts and culture can be authentically preserved and continued in a sustainable manner.

Central Retail Corporation sees the importance of promoting cultural tourism that can help create sustainable regional economic growth with this being said, we have foreseen the strengths of Na Muen Si Community in Na Yong District of Trang Province in weaving and preserving the heritage of ancient woven fabrics, while adding a contemporary touch. This has created excellent added value for woven fabrics to become products with more sleek modern designs and meeting the demands of the current market. In addition, Trang Province is also a renowned tourist destination for food, culture and its nature, which has therefore initiated the Na Muen Si Community Tourism Project in Na Yong District of Trang Province.

This project will help develop, promote and extend the Na Muen Si community, taking into account the economy, society and environment as the focal point, which is done through a form of cultural tourism that is mutually beneficial to the whole community. It will also strengthen the potential of the community as a tourist attraction for arts and culture, and together also create income streams for the community through health tourism, such as cycling to see the scenery of the rice fields in the community and environmental conservation.

This community tourism project in Na Muen Si of Na Yong District in Trang Province received cooperation from all sectors, including government agencies, schools and communities in order to push cultural tourism in the Na Yong area and nearby. By highlighting the use of colors and fabric patterns that are inspired by nature, they show the value of Na Muen Si woven cloth, which has been a local wisdom heritage for hundreds of years and the uniqueness of Trang Province people inherited since the reign of King Rama V, and is now celebrated as a 5-star OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) product. It was also inherited during the reign of King Rama V and is now celebrated as a 5-star OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) product.

Furthermore, the company has stepped in and helped develop the community tourism project of Na Muen Si in many areas. This ranges from the learning center and exhibition of textile museum, community enterprise shop building, developing woven fabric products, and producing new contemporary products using the Na Muen Si woven fabrics, which are then sold across stores in Central Group’s retail network such as Good Goods and Fila. We have also helped in using their products as new year gifts from Central Pattana, organized training on store management, bookkeeping and stocking of products, created local souvenirs and created travel routes for communities and nearby areas to increase income for people in the community. Furthermore, we have created participation of communities and schools in the area in environmental stewardship, and also conducted training sessions for Na Muen Si farmers grandchildren and students of Ban Khuan Sawan School.

The company has participated in the Na Muen Si tourism project with the community in terms of sharing knowledge for business operations and understanding the production factors when producing local products in many areas. We also emphasized on pushing the competence of people in the community through knowledge, skill development, supporting them with devices and infrastructure and also providing distribution channels and marketing opportunities. Starting in 2014 we had 80 members and since then in 2021, the number of members has increased to 155 people, generating income for the community of up to 10 million baht.

We have operated according to the integral principle that community development must be based on the needs of people in the community. Therefore, a field visit was conducted to survey the needs and expectations of the community and all stakeholder groups. This included assessing the impacts that will occur on society and the environment, and using the opinions of the community and stakeholders to develop an action plan in order for the community and the company to grow together at the same pace.


The number of members has increased to 155 people, generating income for the community of up to 10 million baht in 2021
Bringing Na Muen Sri woven fabrics to be produced and sold in stores under the Central Group retail network, such as Good Goods and Fila. Plus, used as new year gifts from Central Pattana
Constructing tourism routes for communities and nearby areas to increase income for people in the community