Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited has jointly implemented a project with the Central Tham unit to help develop and elevate the Na Muen Si weaving community located at Na Muen Si Subdistrict, Na Yong District, Trang Province. This is done by opening the Na Muen Si Weaving Community Learning Center in order to preserve the ancient hand-woven agricultural community in the southern region, drive education, organize a community bicycle tour, train individuals to become local guides and further develop and design products from Na Muen Si woven fabrics in order to become a model generating income for people in the community, which can income of more than 56 million baht to 155 households that will benefit good quality of life for future generations.

Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee and Independent Director led by Mrs. Patareeya Benjapolchai, Mr. Kanchit Bunachinda, Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash and Mr. Pichai Chirathivat visited the area between October 29-30, 2022 to join the opening of the Na Muen Si Weaving Community Learning Center project. They were also on hand to welcome Mr. Chuan Leekpai to organize the opening ceremony of the project and visit Robinson in Trang Province.

The company has participated in these activities in a holistic way that covers educational purposes, creating a source of learning that maintains local identity and develops professional skills that pushes the capabilities of people in the community with the help of education, equipment and infrastructure. We also support and promote woven fabric products to have a modern appeal that can potentially become a Good Goods brand product and expand to the international stage. Regarding distribution channels and marketing opportunities, the company by Robinson Lifestyle Trang Province has delivered agricultural products by creating the Jing Jai Farmer's Market so that locals have marketing channels that can reach consumers directly.

In addition to developing a community tourism model, the company has continuously supported and pushed for education in the area, together with promoting careers for people with disabilities in Trang Province as follows:

  • 19 schools in Trang province participated in the Pracharat School project.
  • Driving school development through the Moral School Project and philosophy of sufficiency economy in education in cooperation with the Foundation of Virtuous Youth under the Crown Property Bureau
  • Central Group joins the Partnership Schools project with the Ministry of Education by signing an MOU with the school and vocational colleges in different regions, which the southern region has chosen Ban Khuan Sawan School and Trang Technical College in doing the project in order to create continuity of education from basic education to vocational level. In addition, there are 168 scholarships awarded to both schools.
  • Encourage the school to be assessed as a learning center based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy in education by experts in sufficiency economy at the national level.
  • Promote technology and innovation in fabric fiber development for Na Muen Si woven fabric community enterprises, such as nano woven fabrics and banana fibers.
  • Occupation promotion project for people with Disabilities in Trang Province, which is done through the cooperation of the Sports Association for Physically Handicapped in Trang Province. They have also established the Central Tham project name "Layering Chicken Raising Project for Sale" totaling 28 households distributed in 5 districts, with the Central Group as the supporter since the construction of the house, creating guidelines for raising laying hens, as well as preliminary financial management, such as the preparation of household accounts that enables people with disabilities to have a self-sufficient career and can take care of their families sustainably.


Distribution of income of over 56 million baht for 155 households (information as of July 2022)