Supporting careers for the underprivileged and creating true and lasting happiness

Central Department Store, under Central Retail Group, welcomes the festive season with "Central Let's Celebrate 2023" mega campaign - transforming Central Department Store into a "Home of Celebration" that invites everyone to check in and have a good time together in a homey cozy eco-style.

The entire Central Department Store has been transformed into a land of happiness and kingdom of joyous gifts, together with adorning the space with ‘Natural Weaving' works of villagers in various communities across the country that are mixed to decorate the Christmas trees. Furthermore, another key highlight is "Papa Christmas" , a super stylish giant-sized Santa made by eco-friendly materials from communities all over Thailand, which is designed to help cast a spell of happiness to everyone passing by.

Adding on, the atmosphere inside Central Department Stores across the country throughout this festive season are alluringly decorated with the most eco-friendly Christmas trees, which every element emphasizes the use of natural materials that are friendly to the planet while also supporting the works of locals. This helps bring produce from different communities across the country to be transformed into chic ornaments that are then decorated on the Christmas tree, whether it is a decorative star that is woven from palm leaves or hearts and reindeer made from hammered bamboo, which overall becomes a handmade accessory that truly saves the world.

This all comes from the cooperation of Central Department Store and the Department of Corrections with the objective to share knowledge and teach inmates in 3 correctional institutions in Nakhon Ratchasima Province professional skills in handicrafts. The results are ornaments used on Christmas trees and gift boxes, which hopefully opens up opportunities for inmates to have skills to find jobs once released from jail.

Rvisra Chirathivat, Chief Marketing Officer of Central Department Store and Robinson Department Store has said,