Sharing Happiness and Giving Opportunities for People to Grow Sustainably

Central Retail has launched the ‘Gift to Gifted: Creating Talented Kids’ extensive program using the Equality Marketing strategy that helps reinforce the company’s vision that sustainable happiness can be done by creating talented kids.

We continue our business operations with sustainable social responsibility by creating happiness through the ‘Gift to Gifted: Creating Talented Kids’ program that comes with the ‘Happiness Forward’ concept to promote equality and reduce the gap of inequality found in society. This will be done while still creating a positive relationship between brands and consumers so that they are closer together. Central Retail will present personal stories through short video clips that reflect the great potential and talent of Thai children who come with hopes and dreams, which we will act as a middleman to help these dreams come true by joining hands with the Equitable Education Fund. We invite everyone to pass on these happiness and make contributions to give opportunities for Thai youth to grow sustainably.

Piyawan Leelasompop, Executive Vice President of Marketing, has stated that,

We have also joined hands with the Equitable Education Fund, which was established under the Equitable Education Fund Act of 2018, and has helped more than 3 million poor and underprivileged students in 3 years. And moving forward, we want to invite everyone to give opportunities to underprivileged Thai youths to have equal access to quality education because education is an important foundation to build a good future for every child.

Donations can be made to the Equitable Education Fund (FFE) via QR Code scanning from today till 28 February 2023 (every donation via QR scanning will automatically receive a deduction into the Revenue Department's system).

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