Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited in collaboration with Central Tham have implemented a vital project called “Woven Plastic Basket for Udon Thani Province Disabled Community" to help better the careers of people with disabilities. This project has also been supported by the government, private sector and local municipalities to push for equality among people with disabilities. As a result, projects like these can immensely create jobs and promote the potential of people with disabilities to reduce inequality in society. And to kick-start the initiative, special wheelchairs were delivered for the disabled community together with funds being awarded to them to start a career that has a sustainable income and creates stability in life.

Khun Pichai Chirathivat, the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee and Executives from Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited led by Khun Yuwadee Chirathivat, Khun Nidsinee Chirathivat, Khun Sirikate Chirakiti and Khun Charita Leelayudth delivered special wheelchairs and funds to jumpstart careers of people with disabilities.

The company and important customers have taken part in reducing inequality by supporting the cost of ‘The Wheel of Hope’ volunteer group to customize wheelchairs in the area. All wheelchairs worth 1.9 million baht were sponsored by the Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development. In addition, executives and important customers provided funds to start careers for people with disabilities at the Center for the Disabled in Udon Thani Province and traveled to the area to participate in various activities.

With having participated in various areas of education, the company recognize the importance of providing sufficient careers for people with disabilities. The project started by helping out a group of 10 people with disabilities in 2019, providing them assistance with product design to enhance their livelihood that comes with a modern design and fits the demand of the current market, together with providing channels for distribution and additional knowledge during the course with the support of good goods store and Central Tham project.

From the continuous support throughout the past four years till today, this has made the “Woven Plastic Basket” project by disabled people and caregivers of disabled people, who are unable to work independently within the Disabled People's Association of Udon Thani, extend to various communities in 10 districts of the province, brought in more than 190 people to participate, and generated more than 12 million baht in income from 2019 to 2023. Overall, the project has better the lives of people with disabilities to have new opportunities and careers with a stable income, and develop living conditions for the community continuously and sustainably.

In addition, the company has also seen the importance of supporting various projects in Udon Thani province, emphasize on developing the capabilities of people in the community through providing knowledge, assists them with equipment and build infrastructure needed.

Examples are as follow:

  • Ban Nong Na Kham School has initiated a traffic discipline project, a traditional weaving skills project and an agriculture sufficiency project.
  • Partnership School Project is a concept of creating viable innovation for educational institution management to raise the level of education in Thailand and bring about change on an international level.
  • Improve equipment facilities for Nadi Subdistrict Vegetable Growing Group to produce items that meet standards and are safe to sell.
  • Open Jing Jai Farmers Market: a market space providing local farmers the opportunity to sell safe key agricultural products from the hands of farmers to consumers.


More than 190 people participated in the project
Bringing Woven Plastic Basket to be produced and sold in stores under Central Tham and good goods stores
Generated more than 12 million baht
(in income from 2019 to 2023.)