Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited joins with Central Tham, a project that drives sustainability of Central Group and aims to reduce inequality in order to create equal access to youth opportunities through educational development, by bringing VVIC customers of Central Department Store to participate in delivering funds raised by important customers to support equipment and improve the computer room for students at Ban Chalong School of Phuket province. This is to develop the quality of life of students by promoting “Active Learning” and technology skills to be effective through the “Computer for Kids” project.

Executives from Central Retail, led by Khun Charita Leelayudth, Director of VVIC of Central Department Store, Khun Thanamet Pongpornkulapak General Manager, Central Phuket Department Store and Khun Suthasineee Supasirisin Director of Sustainable Education Development along with important customers participating in delivery activities at Ban Chalong School of Phuket Province.

Funds totaling 480,000 baht will help provide 20 additional computers that will sufficiently cover the number of students in the class and provide funds to improve the computer laboratory in order to raise the level of education and make students have a better quality of life.

The project supports hiring native speaking teachers to act as coaches for other teachers and teach students within the classroom. Furthermore, an “English Star” camp for students was held in network schools to increase their ability to communicate English better. And also the “Little Tour Guide” activity was initiated to give opportunities to communicate directly with foreigners in the tourist attraction areas, which will further promote project-based learning that emphasizes hands-on practice.

This also builds skills that are in line with the needs of the labor market and paves way for creating careers that can generate stable income in the future, which is all in line with Central Group's approach in sustainable development.


Provide equipment and improve computer room a total funds of 480,000 baht
Continuous development of english curriculum in 5 schools