A shop curating safe and healthy products for every consumer

Nowadays, many Thais are increasingly giving great importance to their health and well-being. With this, it has made many entrepreneurs start to produce innovative products that are both diverse and serve the many lifestyle needs of consumers, which ranges from sourcing raw materials to being able to track the origins of each product.

Therefore, Central Retail Corporation has taken into account the products that are sold to consumers throughout our retail networks, whether it is fashion or consumer goods, which all need to meet the standards and are safe for consumers to use. A prime example would be Central Marketing Group (a sub-unit in Central Retail Corporation) that has imported internationally renowned beauty and skincare brand THREE from Japan. THREE sources the best natural ingredients, are transparent with their research and development processes, and are able to perfectly blend nature and modern technology together. Ralph Lauren is another global brand that Central Marketing Group has imported, which they have created “The Earth Polo” where each polo shirt is produced using an average of 12 recycled plastic bottles and dyed in an innovative process that uses zero water. Furthermore, Central Retail Corporation sees the health of our consumers as the core of our business which has inspired us to create two projects: starting from the “Quality of Heart” a commitment-based project to better the lives of every consumers during the new normal era and the Healthiful shop project that aims to help the health and well-being of consumers.

Central Food Retail Company LTD (a sub unit in Central Retail Corporation) is committed to selling products that meet quality standards, have nutritional value, promote the health and safety of consumers, and build confidence for every customer. With this, in 2020 the company decided to open the first Healthiful shop in Thailand that helps to promote health and wellness of every consumer lifestyle. The store selects healthy products ranging from fresh food, food products, food supplements and home products. Every product sold is carefully considered with its nutritional value, quality and safety delivery system to customers, which needs to follow the Food Safety System Certification: FSSC 22000 guidelines that all international retail businesses are required to. The products also need to be certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative organization with traceability standards being implemented throughout the supply chain.

With the concept of “Better Choices for a Healthier You”, Healthiful strives to be a close companion of health conscious lovers in every stage of their life in order to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable health.

We aim to give comfort and happiness to every customer through the procurement of raw materials and delivering organic products, products for vegetarians, plant-based products and products for environment with allergies. Healthiful has over 2,500 products that are screened and selected according to international standards, which are divided into 5 groups according to the following criteria:

Selecting quality products that caters to the health needs of customers of all lifestyles

Organic Products
Natural, Pesticide-free Products
Plant-based, Vegetarian, and Vegan Products
Health Specific Products
Specific requirement products, such as Ketogenic Products and Nutrition Boost Products

Currently there are 13 Healthiful shops in Thailand: The stand-alone store at The Crystal together with shop-in-shop kiosks at Chaengwattana, Westgate, Ratchapruek, Kaset, Srisaman, Esplanade, Salaya, Mega Bangna, Index Bangna, The Walk Ratchaphruek at Tops Market, Samui and Central Food Hall at Ladprao.

For more information : https://www.facebook.com/Healthifulofficial


Increase the number of students in more than 15 branches
Target goal of 21 branches in total for 2021
Selected as 1 of 50 best international healthcare store for 2020 (guaranteed by IGD)