Corporate News

We are truly touched to share a heartwarming moment from our HR journey. It fills us with pride to see our collective effort to make Central Retail 'A Great Place to Work' being acknowledged at the HR Excellence Awards 2023, held on 18 August 2023 by Human Resources Online.

Competing alongside nearly 10 finalists in each category, all esteemed organizations in their respective sectors, our team's dedication was highlighted through these awards:

  • Gold - HR Leader of the Year (Khun Panchalee Weeratammawat, CPO)
  • Gold - Leadership Development
  • Gold - Graduate Recruitment and Development
  • Bronze - Learning and Development
  • Bronze - Best HR team (MNC)
  • Bronze - Employer of the Year

These awards are more than mere recognitions; they encapsulate the passion, innovation, and resilience of everyone in Central Retail HR Team. Holding strong to the spirit of "One CRC, One HR Team," each milestone mirrors our united journey and shared purposes.

One exceptional highlight was our Chief People Officer, Khun Panchalee Weeratammawat, winning the Gold for HR Leader of the Year. Her inspiring, empathetic leadership lights the way as we shape our HR strategies and vision.

While we cherish these acknowledgements, they also serve as a reminder that our path is ongoing. Our steadfast focus remains on fostering holistic growth of our employees and fortifying Central Retail's commitment as 'A Great Place to Work.'

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