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Thaiwatsadu Starts Ambitious 4th Quarter Expansion, Targeting Growth in Southern Isaan Region

The opening of the 76th Thaiwatsadu Sisaket Branch has revitalized the construction market and is destined to meet the growing demand resulting from the expansion of the industrial sector and increased purchasing power in the border provinces of the region.

Bangkok, October 4, 2023 – Thaiwatsadu, a leading retailer of construction materials and home furnishing products, operating under CRC Thaiwatsadu Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Central Retail, is embarking on a significant expansion plan in the southern Isaan region during the fourth quarter. This expansion involves a substantial investment exceeding 340 million baht, aimed at establishing the Thaiwatsadu Sisaket Branch. This new branch, the 76th in the country, marks Thaiwatsadu's initial presence in the province.

Situated along Highway 221, on the Sisaket - Kantharalak District Route, the Thaiwatsadu Sisaket Branch spans an expansive area of over 16,000 square meters and boasts an extensive inventory of over 38,000 construction materials, home furnishing products, and items for home repairs. This strategic location is well-positioned to cater to the rising investment demands within the industrial sector, the growing construction business, and the burgeoning local economy. Additionally, it serves as a crucial hub for the resurging Thai-Cambodian border trade in the region.

The new branch stands out through three thoughtful strategies: a comprehensive approach to meeting diverse needs, catering to various purchasing power levels, and ensuring accessibility for all.

Suthisarn Chirathivat, the CEO of CRC Thaiwatsadu Company Limited, a subsidiary of Central Retail, has announced that in the fourth quarter, Thaiwatsadu has initiated an expansion into Sisaket Province. This strategic move is aimed at fortifying their hardline business presence in the northeastern region, enhancing their coverage to meet a wider range of demands.

He said, “At present, the Northeastern region ranks as our second most branched area after the central region. This growth is attributed to the continuous expansion of the housing market and its increasing demand. Factors contributing to this growth include significant investments in the industrial sector, leveraging the region's geographic features for the production and distribution of goods and services. Moreover, the region's proximity to neighboring countries and its border connections have generated diverse opportunities for trade businesses.”

The Thaiwatsadu Sisaket Branch marks a significant milestone as the 76th branch in the country and the 16th branch in the northeastern region. This expansion into the northeastern region complements existing branches in Chaiyaphum, Surin, Buriram, Sakon Nakhon, Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani, Roi Et, Maha Sarakham, Mukdahan, Udon Thani, Nong Bua Lamphu, Loei, Nakhon Ratchasima, Pak Chong, and Nakhon Ratchasima's Hua Thale, which were opened as pilot locations earlier.

Thaiwatsadu has been well received in all the regions where it operates, thanks to its extensive selection of construction materials and home furnishing products. Likewise, the Sisaket branch has curated a selection of renowned brand products known for their quality and value. This is especially beneficial to the approximately 160,000 households in the area, as it caters to their needs for home construction, renovation, and decoration, and also serves as a valuable resource for technicians and contractors offering construction services for various building projects.

The difference and distinctiveness of the new branch can be summarized as follows:

Meeting diverse needs in-depth

The branch's foundation is built upon a deep understanding of the local customer base, with thorough behavioral studies conducted before commencing operations. This approach ensures the selection and provision of products and services that resonate most with customers. Additionally, a dedicated team of expert home advisors from the vFIX team is readily available to offer guidance, ensuring that every service is tailored precisely to meet the specific needs of customers.

Catering to various purchasing power levels

The Thaiwatsadu Sisaket Branch boasts an extensive inventory comprising over 38,000 items, including construction materials, home furnishings, electrical appliances, and renowned home products from well-known brands. This comprehensive product range is synonymous with quality and value for money, catering to the diverse lifestyles, preferences, and purchasing capabilities of customers, whether they are large-volume customers or new patrons. It encompasses a diverse range of products and services that are attuned to economic conditions, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Ensuring accessibility for all

The Sisaket Province stands as another strategic location within the southern Isaan region, owing to its well-connected transportation routes that link it with various neighboring provinces. Moreover, its proximity to the Thai-Cambodian border checkpoint facilitates both travel and trade between these regions. Similarly, the new Thaiwatsadu branch is strategically situated along Highway 221, on the Sisaket - Kantharalak District route, within the Phone Ka Subdistrict of Mueang District. This convenient location ensures easy access for travelers, enabling seamless connections to nearby activities and destinations.

“Thaiwatsadu remains committed to bolstering its position by expanding its branch network across all regions of the country, thereby fostering business growth. This expansion is aligned with the company's mission to drive progress across various dimensions, encompassing economic, social, and environmental aspects. The expansion of the new branch has led to the employment of over 300 individuals in Sisaket Province. Furthermore, we have plans in place to enhance the distribution channels for community products,” said the CEO.

“In addition, we have collaborated with business partners to offer support and donations to Ban Kut Ngong Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, thereby strengthening the medical capabilities within the region. In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, Thaiwatsadu is actively working towards advancing Thailand's transition to a clean energy society. As part of this effort, we have installed a 600 KWp on-grid solar rooftop system, aimed at cost reduction and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr. Suthisarn concluded by highlighting these initiatives.

As of September 2023, Thaiwatsadu has successfully opened a total of 11 new branches for the year 2023. These include Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Rangsit Khlong 4 Branch; Thaiwatsadu Korat Hua Thale Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Phuket Chalong Branch; Thaiwatsadu Kamphaeng Phet Branch; Thaiwatsadu Chainat Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Mueang Ake Branch; Thaiwatsadu Loei Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Samut Prakan Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Chiang Mai San Sai Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Bang Yai Branch, and Thaiwatsadu Sisaket Branch. Besides, there are plans for continuous branch openings scheduled until December 2023.