Business Movement

Central and Robinson Department Store provide opportunities for student interns to experience real-world work experience with the marketing team during the summer break.

Central and Robinson Department Store, under Central Retail continue to inspire with open doors to students from leading universities, such as the Statistics major student group from the Faculty of Commerce and Accounting, Chulalongkorn University, who participated in the Stat Chula’s Project-based Summer Internship Program 2023 (SIP2023). Along with a student from the International Economics programme at Thammasat University. They were given the opportunity to learn and experience real-world work beyond the confines of the classroom.

During their internship, they honed project skills alongside the marketing teams of the department stores, with the guidance of Khun Rvisra Chirathivat, Chief Marketing Officer, the Customer Analytics and Strategy Team as well as the Event Team from the Marketing department. The interns were trained to analyse customer insights and developed coding skills, including SQL and Python. They put these skills into practice, allowing them to contribute and innovate by creating new campaigns that catered to customer needs. Through special events organised by the department stores, they transformed insights into moments of happiness for customers daily.

Nayada Sunpetsiri, the intern from Chulalongkorn University, shared her impressive experience, stating that 'It has been an incredible learning experience throughout this valuable two-month period. We have been involved in various projects, such as creating dashboards, coding in SQL and Python, and gaining knowledge from senior colleagues. Furthermore, I have learned the techniques of utilizing data for decision-making and formulating real business strategies. These are opportunities that are hard to come by in a classroom.'

Rinrada Punsiri, the intern from Chulalongkorn University, also added that ‘The working atmosphere at Central Department Store is filled with opportunities, warmth, and inspiration. Throughout the internship period, there were opportunities to collaborate with skilled and experienced colleagues in the data field. They acted as coaches, providing valuable support and guidance, helping us grow, gain confidence, and understand ourselves better, preparing us for real work.’

Finally, Nayada extended a message to the prospect interns, ' If you're currently seeking opportunities to discover yourself, wishing to practice skills, and gain hands-on experience, an internship at Central Department Store will undoubtedly fulfill your needs.’

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