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Central Retail Digital, under Central Retail, Recognized as "Digital Capability Builder" at the Thailand Digital Excellence Awards 2023, Proving Commitment to Advancing Workforce in Digital Era

November 28, 2023 - At the Thailand Digital Excellence Awards 2023 organized by Thailand Management Association, Central Retail emerged as a leader in digital innovation, securing the "Digital Capability Builder" distinction award. This recognition reinforces seamless collaboration between Central Retail Digital team who leads a large-scale development of comprehensive Omnichannel platform blending online and offline channels together to better serves our customers’ shopping needs which has placed Central Retail in a leading position on the next generation of Omnichannel Retail and together with the Human Resources team who continuously provides strategic support on the Recruitment that is not only aligned with business needs but also creates an exciting experience for applicants using digital innovation as a key enabler coupled with constant development of digital and technological skills provided to our people with an aim to instill a digital mindset that adapts to change. Our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation, setting new standards in the continuously evolving digital landscape.

Our representation at the ceremony included key executives like Khun David Llamas, Chief Digital Officer of Central Retail Digital, and Khun Panchalee Weeratammawat, Chief People Officer of Central Retail. They graciously received the prestigious award from H.E. Dr. Chirayu Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, Privy Councilor. Their presence underscored the collective effort and strategic vision that have been pivotal in our journey towards digital excellence.

Being named the "Digital Capability Builder" by Thailand Management Association highlights our position as frontrunners in developing digital expertise. This honor is a direct result of our commitment to integrating digital innovation seamlessly across our business, ensuring that every strategy aligns with our overarching goals. Building on this foundation, we are committed to equipping our employees with digital proficiency, a crucial step in driving our transformative growth and setting new benchmarks in the retail industry.