Developing Quality of Life for Disabled People

To help create fulfillment and eliminate social differences, we are promoting vocational skills among people with disabilities via sharing knowledge, providing skills instruction, and creating jobs so as to release their potential and allow them to generate sustainable income.

We can work, earn a living, take care of ourselves, share some money with mom, and participate in the company that treats us as ordinary staff, not as disabled staff, providing us with the same welfare as the others. Inevitably we feel plentifully pleased and proud.

Pat Supranee Sandson (Disabled staff member at Contact Center)

Central Retail believes in their potential and capabilities. We are cooperating with the Redemptorist Foundation for People With Disabilities to assist and improve their skills. Also, we are providing opportunities by hiring them as full time employees, including at present almost 40 positions at the Call Center and mechanics staff within Central Retail. This encourages their pride as well as their wellbeing. We have a future plan to expand this project, and are targeting to hire more employees for almost 100 positions.