Asia’s finest food store offering the most EXTENSIVE and EXCLUSIVE selections of the FINEST FLAVOURS sourced from the World’s top producers, along with an unparalleled SHOPPING and DINING experience

Asia’s finest food store with a meticulous, exclusive assortment of local and imported selections from leading producers. Come discover a variety of fresh, high-quality meat and seafood, seasonal, ripened fruit and vegetables from Thai and international farms and a cheese counter with over 700 selections. Tops Food Hall also offers fine wines that are kept under a 24-hour temperature-controlled room to maintain the quality and taste of every sip you indulge in. But there’s more! Come visit the concept zones that’ll satisfy all the needs of every lifestyle or the dining area where every special dish is curated by experienced chefs at Tops Eatery, including many famous comfort food and shops that’ll fit any flavour palette. Guaranteed to provide you an exceptional shopping and dining experience.

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